Jan 17, 2018

Netflix Recommendations

I love watching new shows on Netflix as much as I love to read. Lately there have been some really good shows and I wanted to recommend some. As with books when you finish a good show there is this need to discuss, but without spoiling it for others. So here are a few shows that I have really enjoyed and would highly recommend!

The End Of The F***ing World

This show had a really intriguing trailer. When it came out on Netflix I didn't waste anytime watching it. I finished it in one day it was so good. There is something about British shows that always win me over. I don't know if it's the humor or the accents or just everything but I always love them. The End Of The F***ing World was unexpectedly fantastic. I say unexpectedly because it's one of those story lines that I feel could go either way--terrible or fantastic. I went into it not really knowing if I would enjoy it. I ended up loving it. The acting is fantastic between James and Alyssa. Can I say fantastic anymore? Yes because the way it's directed and filmed is also fantastic. The music choices are on point. And that ending! It's been a while since I've watched an ending of a show and just felt sooo many things. Highly recommend this one.


Broadchurch another British show that is so so so so good. If you think you are good at figuring things out before they are revealed just watch this show. Good luck solving the case before Miller and Hardy. The banter between Miller and Hardy is great, it gives a little bit of lightness to the heavy subject of the show. The acting all around is so good. I just finished season two the other night and can't wait to start season three. This is a show that season one was amazing and season two was even better. Full of so many surprises!


GirlBoss had me chuckling more times than I can count. Sophia is foul mouthed, self centered and just full of herself to be totally honest. Yet you can't help but kind of like her and hope she gets her shit together. I really hope this gets a second season cause it really was an entertaining show and I'd like to know what happens next with Sophia!

Stranger Things

Oh Stranger Things. I know I can't be the only who while watching was shocked every time the episode was ending because it didn't seem like it had been that long since I started the episode. That's how good this show is. You just get so sucked into the story and the characters. All these kids are phenomenal actors and the way they all interact as a group is priceless. But I have to talk about Steve Harrington because hello unexpected character growth! I didn't like him at all season one. Season two he's my favorite character! Whoever made the decision to take Steve's character in the direction that they did I applaud you.

I could continue to recommend shows cause there are so many good ones! Have you seen any of these shows that I recommended? If you have leave a comment down below who your favorite characters are! Or if none of these are any you've seen let me know what some of your recommendations would be.

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