Jan 24, 2018

Love & Other Train Wrecks

Love & Other Train Wrecks is a book I stumbled upon one day in the book store. The cover was adorable and the story sounded even cuter! I love when I buy a book not knowing much and end up loving it to pieces.

A twenty-four-hour romance about two teens who meet—and perhaps change their minds about love—on a train ride to Upstate New York in the middle of a snowstorm. One train ride. Two strangers. Noah is a hopeless romantic. He’s heading back home for one last chance with his first love, whom he broke up with when he went off to college. Ammy doesn’t believe in true love—her parents being prime examples. She’s escaping from a mom who can’t take care of her to a dad who may not even want her. That is, until one winter night when Noah and Ammy find themselves in the same Amtrak car heading to Upstate New York.

Some books can go from different point of views effortlessly and this was one of those books. Getting to read the perspective of not just Ammy but Noah as well was really a great choice. I start this review of with this because I've read books that having multiple point of views made the book hard for me to get into but I absolutely loved it with this one!

Ammy is a character I did not think I would like. She comes off very rude and a bit of a I'm better than you kind of vibe in the beginning. Yet as each chapter went on I grew to love her! She has a bit of a cynical way of thinking because of her parents and it was interesting to see her character growth within each chapter.

Noah, what a sweetheart. I really connected with Noah. He's a bit of an over thinker, inwardly always feeling a bit awkward and just a big ole cheese ball. Unlike with my hesitation with Ammy I loved Noah right away and only continued to adore this character as the book progressed.

Leah Konen wrote this book so well. From the dynamic between Noah and Ammy, to the humorous and rocky journey that takes place, to the moment of oh shit, wasn't expecting that! The book was filled with so much goodness. I most definitely will be reading more of Leah's books, in fact I'm really excited to dive into another book from her as soon as I can.

Love & Other Train Wrecks was a really great read for me and is getting 5 out of 5 birds! I'd definitely recommend this one to anyone. It's a really fun read with fantastic characters.

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