Jul 29, 2015

Burning Blue

I had no knowledge about Burning Blue when I picked up a copy, but I knew one thing, the cover was stunning and had me hooked. The story itself has a way of hooking you even when you don't feel very connected with its characters.

How far would you go for love, beauty, and jealousy?

When Nicole Castro, the most beautiful girl in her wealthy New Jersey high school, is splashed with acid on the left side of her perfect face, the whole world takes notice. But quiet loner Jay Nazarro does more than that--he decides to find out who did it. Jay understands how it feels to be treated like a freak, and he also has a secret: He's a brilliant hacker. But the deeper he digs, the more danger he's in--and the more he falls for Nicole. Too bad everyone is turning into a suspect, including Nicole herself.

Award-winning author Paul Griffin has written a high-stakes, soulful mystery about the meaning--and dangers--of love and beauty.

Nicole Castro is beautiful. Drop dead, stop and stare beautiful. So when someone throws acid in her face you bet people take notice, become obsessive with figuring out who did it and why.

I feel like this is the kind of story where you can't trust any of the narration. You get the sense that even though Jay is trying to figure out who burned Nicole that his narration isn't all that trustworthy. Because in his mind everyone is a suspect until he rules them out. Despite me being hesitant to trust his narration I really did like him as a character. His sense of humor was very dry and often made me chuckle.

Very much like Jay, Nicole felt like an untrustworthy character. We don't get a point of view from her but we do get some journal entries that make you stop and question everything you thought in the last chapter. That was a big trend with this book. Just when you thought you had it figured out something would happen and you'd toss that idea out the window. Nicole doesn't want to be defined by her beauty but of course everyone sees her beauty and everything else about her is gone to them. I liked the dynamic between Jay and Nicole. Their friendship felt very natural.

Burning Blue is equal parts contemporary story and thriller, mystery story. One chapter will feel super intense and mystery like while the next with be totally chill and normal. I liked that about this book because just when you think you can close the chapter something happens to make you keep reading.

Overall I enjoyed this story but I felt like the solving of the mystery was a bit rushed. That being said even though it felt rushed to me there was this oh shit moment and everything came together in Jay's head that justified the way things played out. I honestly didn't see that connection coming. It was a good twist.

Burning Blue is getting 3.5 out of 5 birds from me. Though I enjoyed this story I didn't feel very connected to any of the characters. I liked them enough and I really liked the style of Paul Griffin's writing, but it wasn't a favorite. I'd definitely recommend it to people who want a easy, short thriller.


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