May 13, 2015

Geeking Out

Everyone has that author who inspires them with the stories they create. Some of us have more than one author who inspires us. For me there has always been one who always, always was my idol. That one author who I always scurry to the bookstore to get their latest release. That author would be Sarah Dessen. I devour her books like candy and then very quickly realize I probably should not have read it so fast. She writes the kind of books you wish lasted longer. The kind of books that you read way to fast but always, always go back to after a year or two.

I had planned on being quick about this post and recapping the event of getting to meet Sarah Dessen...but as you can see that isn't happening. The thing about Sarah Dessen is I've been reading her books since I was twelve which might not seem like that big of a deal. But it's a big deal because her books are a huge reason I'm the reader I am today. Also, the fact I've finally gotten the chance to meet her after years of hoping I would I'm a little overwhelmed by how awesome it was and the fact that I actually met her. Hence, the title Geeking Out.

The last few years I've been to quiet a few author signings but this one has been my favorite. Sarah is so so nice. She's funny. She was honest with everything she told about her writing, the process that she goes through when it comes to writing her books. I loved that because as an aspiring writer it's interesting to hear how every authors process is different. I really took a lot out of what she had to say.

Because I had been so excited and been eager for this moment for so long once I finally got to talk to Sarah it was like words failed. Did I ask her something interesting? I wish I had a really great question. But all I asked was about chickens because the farm I work at is looking into getting chickens and it's kind of been my task to figure out the wheres and the whats of how to get the process started. It seemed perfect! Sarah has chickens it was a solid question. I got the question about chickens out and got some helpful hints and then my mind just completely blanked on what to say or ask other then "I've been such a fan for so long!" Sarah was really gracious and kind despite my being speechless and geeky and totally in awe that all the books that I own of hers would now be signed.

In conclusion Sarah Dessen is now more than ever a favorite of mine. I also learned that perhaps carrying a notebook with prepared questions for these kinds of things is a good idea. Thinking on it after typing up this post I was very much Eddie Redmayne at the oscars--overhwlemed, amazed, in awe and totally geeking out.

Now I will proceed to admire my shelf of Sarah Dessen books I've always admired.


  1. I've only read two of Sarah Dessen's books but with her new book out, Saint Anything, and everything I feel like people are totally noticing her more than they did before. It's so cool that she's that author to you. For me, it's Sarah J. Maas. Although she hasn't published many books, I would scour the earth for her writing and I've been even writing my own fanfiction of her books because of how much I don't want to let go of the world that she creates.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  2. Oh my gosh, you went?! I recognize that bookstore. It's only 20 minutes away from me!! Oh my gosh, I had no idea we were in the same state!! :D I'm glad you finally got to meet Sarah. I've yet to read her books, but I'm sure they're great. It seems like you had a lovely time!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books