Feb 3, 2015

Author Interview

Today I am happy to say I have Hallee Hadley on the blog today. Her book The Trusted Night has recently been published on Amazon and today we will talk a little bit about where she got her inspiration for the book. But first here is a little bit about The Trusted Night

“Anything that sets you apart from what a regular infant would look or act like automatically sets you outcast from the rest of society, transferring you to a government organization called the KIO. Here, abnormal children such as myself are taken away from their families and are transformed into perfect human look-alikes. The transformations usually consist of multiple surgeries, injections, and painful exercises. We are made whole, then wired to be prison cells for criminals. Jails are no longer used because world powers have decided that the total institutions let everyone off easy.” 

The souls of our world's prisoners can be found seeded in those unlucky enough to shelter them. I, Maya Errithe, am a Cell. I shelter a prisoner. I can't get her out, nor am I supposed to. We have to find her, we have to stop her. This means we'll have to roam different worlds, soar through dimensions, and trek through time. All to get to her before she commits the crime, the same crime that sentenced us all to an undercover life of secrets, lies, and deception

Hi there Hallee! Thanks so much for stopping by. First I wanted to ask what inspired your idea for The Trusted Night?

Hallee: My inspiration for TTN came from listening to the song "Breath of Life" by Florence and the Machine.

Did you always want to be a writer?

Hallee: I've wanted to be a writer since my freshman year in High School. Before that, I wanted to own and Orphanage and work with kiddies.

Let's talk about Bonnie and that frying pan! She is such a badass. When did you know Bonnie would be so tough?

Hallee: Oh, honey. Bonnie was supposed to be a badass from the beginning!

Was there any particular scene you struggled to write?

Hallee: Hmm... Well, I was stuck on the scene of Salesman and Paul fighting over who should be the one to... You know... (Spoilers!)

How about one you found easy to get down on the paper?

Hallee: Jack shouting at Maya that she's too young to have a boyfriend!

If you could live in the world you created, what two characters from your book would you want by your side throughout your time in the story?

Hallee: Oh, God. Probably Henri and Bonnie.

Were there any authors who inspired you to begin writing?

Hallee: I had many authors who inspired me to write, but my inspiration mostly came from music and Disney movies. Yes, Disney.

Now for the not so serious questions!

Hallee: Yay!

Favorite book?

Hallee: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore!

Favorite book to movie adaption?

Hallee: The Maze Runner!

If you had to pick one character out of any book you've ever read which would you want to come knocking on your door?

Hallee: Daemon Black from Obsidian by JLA.

Thanks so much for stopping by Hallee! Wonderful having you on the blog. :)

Hallee: My pleasure, Lovely! Thanks for having me!

Hope you all enjoyed the interview! You can find Hallee's book on Amazon and Goodreads. If you would like to connect with Hallee she has a Twitter page as well as a website. Happy reading everyone!

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