Jan 12, 2015

The 100

I've been aware of The 100 series for a while. I can remember when it was optioned for a show before it even came out. For some reason I never got around to reading the book right away but I instantly got sucked into the TV show. Though they are very different from each other they are both equally awesome in different ways.

In the future, humans live in city-like spaceships orbiting far above Earth's toxic atmosphere. No one knows when, or even if, the long-abandoned planet will be habitable again. But faced with dwindling resources and a growing populace, government leaders know they must reclaim their homeland... before it's too late.

Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents are being sent on a high-stakes mission to recolonize Earth. After a brutal crash landing, the teens arrive on a savagely beautiful planet they've only seen from space. Confronting the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community. But they're haunted by their past and uncertain about the future. To survive, they must learn to trust - and even love - again.

Earth hasn't been liveable for many years, it's toxic and radiation soaked. But there is only so much time they have up in space and they send down 100 young criminals to see if they can make a life on earth again.

I was surprised by how well I fell into all the different perspective's in this book. Sometimes that doesn't always work, but the way Kass Morgan wrote each character was awesome. Whether it be Wells or Glass every single one had a unique and distinct voice. Of the four major characters Clarke and Bellamy we're my favorite, Glass being a close runner up. I didn't like Wells much at all. I felt he was way to focused on winning Clarke back. If I'm honest he was a bit obsessive and you learn just all he did to be on this mission. Makes you want to scold him for being so foolish.

Clarke is strong and she has a maturity to her that makes her capable to run things. I really loved getting the snippets into her past and why she was sentenced into confinement. I would definitely have a hatred towards Well's like Clarke. He betrayed her trust and though he thought he was being helpful he set things into a spinning spiral that only continued to go down the drain.

Bellamy right from the bat was intriguing to me. I love his character in the TV show and though there are some similarities they are very separate from each other. I loved how he seems like a real hard ass but really he's sweet and selfless. Everything he's done has been for his sister. He's got a sense of humor that made me smile more than once.

I wasn't expecting Glass's story and the way it played out but it was refreshing to have a connect still up on the ship. I instantly fell in love with Glass and Luke's love story. They are so sweet. I'm nervous how things are going to turn out for them in the next book.

Kass Morgan did an awesome job creating this story and it's characters. She leaves things with a cliffhanger that makes you want the second book right away. I'm giving The 100 4.5 out of 5 birds! I loved this book and read it fairly quickly. I can't wait to see how the relationships in this book further develop--Bellarke shipper right here!--and what's going to happen with that cliffhanger.

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  1. I really love The 100! I enjoyed the books and am excited to see what's going to happen in the next one, but the series is really what won me over originally. The show is so gritty and real and you can't help but respect the characters for making the hard decisions. Especially Clarke in the winter finale!

    I love Bellamy and Clarke, they were definitely my favorite characters in the book. I really wasn't expecting to like them as much as I did, because I watched the show first and really loved Finn and Wells. But Bellamy in the book is like a weird mix of show Bellamy and Finn. Glass wasn't really a favorite, though I did like her. I'm so anxious for her in the next book though after that cliffhanger! Great review, Bailey!!