Oct 24, 2014

College and Reading Don't Mix Well

All I have to say is being a freshman in college is rough. First day seems like a breeze and then the actual course work starts and well...

Finding time to blog is really hard. Finding the time to read is even harder. They aren't kidding when they tell you time management is a struggle. It really is, but it has to get better. There are plenty of bloggers in college who find the time to keep their blogs active and functioning. I'm not quiet there yet. Hopefully soon. In the mean time I won't be reading much and my reading pile will be growing bigger and bigger.

I've found recently I've been gravitating towards historical reads. Today I bought The Winter Guest and The Diplomats Wife by Pam Jenoff. Both are set during the Nazi time frame and sound so good. I can't wait to dive into them! I have to finish Outlander first--which has been super good! I'm starting to branch out a little bit and read more adult books. I love my YA of course! So when I do get back into blogging you'll find some variety of reviews.

Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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