Jul 28, 2014

I Am Number Four

I've been aware of I Am Number Four and the fact that so many people love the series but it wasn't until my best friend pushed me to read it that I finally did. And I have to say I really did enjoy the story and Four's perspective.

We may be walking past you right now.

We are watching as you read this.

We may be in your city, your town.

We are living anonymously.

We are waiting for the day when

We will find each other.

We will make our last stand together—if

We win,

We are saved, and

You are saved as well.

If we lose, all is lost.

Four is an alien. He goes by many names, but currently he is John Smith. He and his protector, Henri move to Ohio, Paradise. Always moving, always changing identities. It's that or Four will end up dead, because he is next and the Mogadrians won't stop looking.

I'm really starting to become a fan of reading books from the male perspective. There's something different and fun about reading from a male character's perspective. I used to be skeptical about it, worried I wouldn't fall into the story the same but that isn't true at all. John's a great main character. It's easy to fall into his narration. I liked him as a character but sometimes I wanted to slap him silly for being so damn selfish.

There are a lot of great characters in this book. Henri was one of my favorites. His dialogue was so amusing especially when he messed up the use of curse words. It made me chuckle especially when he and John would get some banter going. Together they we're such great characters. Sam was another of my favorites. I loved that geeky kid! And oh my gosh, Six was so badass I loved her!

I have to say that Sarah, John's love interest was a no go for me. I couldn't stand her if I'm being totally honest. She was flat, dialogue annoying and boring. She drove me nuts. And because of it the romance between the two didn't feel real to me or desirable. Stay single, John you don't need Sarah.

Everything about this book is unique.  From the story, to the way that author declares that all events in this book are real. I found that quiet interesting how the author did that. I don't want to give anything away but it was pretty neat how he wrote that into the book. Just felt creative to me and it was fun to have that thought in my brain: What if this actually did happen? If anything it made reading this book more fulfilling somehow.

This book moves fairly quickly but good grief the ending is action packed. There is no room to breathe when reading those final chapters. I really did enjoy reading John's story and I was pleased that the ending wasn't anything that left me having to have the next book right away. It was a good ending and I know I will eventually get around to reading the next book.

I Am Number Four is a unique story with some great characters. I'm giving I Am Number Four 4 out of 5 birds. There were some parts in the middle that dragged a bit for me which is why it isn't getting a full five bird rating. But I would definitely recommend this book to anyone! It's a great read.

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  1. I really enjoyed the first I Am Number Four book, but I agree some parts dragged a bit. I still haven't gotten around to read the rest of the books. I want to though because I want to know what happens to everyone. I liked the movie too, but thought the book was better.