Apr 21, 2014

The Truth About Forever

Sarah Dessen, from the moment I ever read one of her books, is one of my favorite authors. She writes these beautiful contemporary stories that you can't help but get caught up in. The Truth About Forever is easily one of my favorites along with, Just Listen. It's one of those books I've read so many times the spine is starting to look very worn. But I can't help but always come back to this story.

A long, hot summer...

That's what Macy has to look forward to while her boyfriend, Jason, is away at Brain Camp. Days will be spent at a boring job in the library, evenings will be filled with vocabulary drills for the SATs, and spare time will be passed with her mother, the two of them sharing a silent grief at the traumatic loss of Macy's father.

But sometimes unexpected things can happen—things such as the catering job at Wish, with its fun-loving, chaotic crew. Or her sister's project of renovating the neglected beach house, awakening long-buried memories. Things such as meeting Wes, a boy with a past, a taste for Truth-telling, and an amazing artistic talent, the kind of boy who could turn any girl's world upside down. As Macy ventures out of her shell, she begins to wonder, Is it really better to be safe than sorry?

Macy's life is anything but perfect but perfect is what she strives towards. She has to feel that sense of control over her life after the sudden and traumatic death of her father. And even though everything seemed fine the way it was with Jason, her intelligent boyfriend once he leaves for Brain Camp she realizes her life isn't fine. She isn't fine and never will be perfect. And that's okay.

Macy is a character who I really related too in a lot of ways. She likes to feel in control of her life and has a hard time going off routine. But things change when her boyfriend leaves for the summer. And thank god because Macy goes from being a likeable character to a character who is not just likeable but loveable. It was awesome how much growth Macy goes through without this book. She goes from this somewhat quiet girl to becoming a badass who knows how to make an exit. I so loved this character. I think a lot of people want to achieve being perfect or somewhat so and I loved that we get to see Macy realize perfect isn't achievable. Having flaws is so much more enduring.

Wes oh Wes. He tops the charts on my favorite book boyfriend list. He just does and there are many, many reasons for this. Wes is thoughtful, artistic, genuine, funny, and completely flawed in his own way. And of course the fact he's totally good looking doesn't hurt anything either. I loved that about Wes is how he doesn't take the fact he's attractive seriously. Looks aren't important to Wes. Have you fallen for him yet? He's such a fantastic character it's hard not too fall head over heels.

Sarah Dessen has a way of always building the best friendships before she explores any romance. That is one of my favorite things. It's important to me that their is a friendship or how else will the relationship actually last? And Wes and Macy become really good friends by playing Truth. I loved it whenever they picked the game back up! The interaction between these two was so wonderful.

There are so many characters in this book that you find yourself loving pretty much everyone. And as they all interact together you find yourself laughing, getting emotional, and mostly laughing. The whole Wish crew? Loved them! Bert was my favorite. He was so funny and goofy--unintentionally so most of the time. Kristy was another favorite and even Monica who never gave energy into full sentences. The chaos between the catering crew was so real and fun and I wish I could be apart of it. 

Though there is romance in this book it's not the center of the story. Family is like it is in most of Sarah's books. One of my favorite things about this book is how everything seems to be interconnected without you even realizing. All I will say is that final thing from Macy's father was something beautiful and such a sign.

The Truth About Forever is getting 5 out of 5 birds from me! As always Sarah Dessen writes a beautiful story about family and how to live in the now. You don't need to be perfect, you just need to live and be happy. Read this book and not simply for Wes, even though he is great, but because it's a story everyone needs to read. It holds such a beautiful message. I'd recommend it for anyone any day of the week.


  1. I love your reviews of all of these books. I think I might like this one the most out if all of them though. A character who grows from being quiet to badass? A boy who's attractive, but not arrogant about it? And a romance that blossoms from a real friendship? Yes, yes, and yes please!

  2. This book had so many perfect moments for me, it was just a treat to read and kept me up late into the night finishing it.