Apr 9, 2014


I really enjoyed the first book Flicker and was super excited to hear from the author again to read the sequel Brightly. Though its been a while since I've read Flicker it didn't take me long to remember everything and fall back into the characters stories.

After escaping the faeries that held her prisoner in Otherworld, Lee Capren has made a new life for herself. When she’s not slinging spells with her monster-wrangling roommate, Filo, or honing her newfound magical abilities with her boyfriend, Nasser, she’s working in a shop that caters to Bridgestone City’s magical crowd. It’s not exactly a normal life… but it’s hers.

Everything changes when three strangers arrive with a desperate plea for help and a connection to Filo’s cruel former masters. Lee and her friends are soon swept up in the strangers’ quest to break a curse that plagues their island home.

Unraveling the secret of the curse will take them from an island where merfolk swim in the coves to a hidden city beneath the streets of Seattle and beyond. As the danger grows, relationships are tested, new ones are forged, and in the face of impossible choices, Lee learns the hardest lesson of all: Where there is love, there is also heartbreak.

With time running out and lives on the line, it becomes clear that failure could cost their lives—and success could cost them everything else.

Lee and her friends meet three strangers who ask them to help them get rid of a sickness that has spread across their island. Turns out that sickness is a curse and if they don't get rid of it lots of people are going to get really sick--or worse.

I really loved Lee in Flicker. She quickly became a character who was easy to like. I can remember how much I connected with her but I found that in Brightly I had a harder time connecting with Lee. I don't exactly know what it was but throughout the beginning of the book it was much harder. I still really liked Lee and by the 150 mark I found myself connecting with her again. She's a fantastic character with so many loveable and admirable characteristics. And she's grown a lot since Flicker and it was great seeing that change not just in Lee but in all the characters. They have so many challenges presented to them in Brightly.

My favorite thing about these books is Kaye's writing. There is something to be said about the way she writes. It is truly captivating even more so this time. Every sentence is crafted beautifully with imagery that allows you to picture things perfectly. I'd forgotten just how good Kaye Thornbrugh is at crafting the world her characters live in. I don't read many books with fey but the few I have don't always make it easy to picture the world they have created. Kaye though has a way of making it so easy that there is no effort to create the image in my head. It all flows so well.

It's no secret Filo Shine is one of my favorite characters from Flicker. I liked this guy from the beginning. And I found myself loving him more and more with each page I read of Brightly. Out of all the characters in this book he is the one that grew so much and became an even better character. I'm really surprised I never picked up on certain things with Filo but am actually really pleased with how Kaye took his storyline. When I first read Flicker I really wanted him and Lee together but I found that the friendship and respect that bloomed between them was much better. In fact I am so glad it's a friendship rather than anything else.

I found myself really enjoying the romance between Lee and Nasser. Not only that but I found myself really loving Nasser in general. I liked him in the first book but I was so lost in Filo Shine that I never really thought much of Nasser. That changed with this book. I really really liked his character and the journey he goes through. 

So much goes on in this book and yet by the end of it you find yourself wondering why it has to end like that. Gosh, that ending was intense and now it's left me wanting more. I have to know what happens to the gang next! That was so insane I couldn't read faster with those final pages.

It's safe to say Brightly was a winner for me! I enjoyed it even more than the first book and it's getting 4.5 out of 5 birds from me! I am so excited to see where the story will go next. Did I mention the insane ending? Wow. Really, read these books if you haven't already people! So so good! I'd recommend them to anyone especially since me not being a big fey fan love these books.

~~Thanks Kaye for a copy of your book!~~


  1. I remember featuring the cover of Flicker as a Breathtaking Book Cover. The minute I saw this cover I knew it was a sequel, they fit so well together. I'm glad you were able to reconnect with Lee even if it took a little longer this time around. Sounds like this was a great follow up to the first book!

  2. I love when the ending of a book is super intense! I'm definitely going to check out this series. It sounds so good :)