Mar 8, 2014

Finally Saw Catching Fire

I have finally seen Catching Fire. It was released yesterday on DVD and of course I had to get the movie and I watched it last night. I was stoked to see this one but ended up never being able to make it to the movie theater to see it. But it was so good and in fact as I type this I have it on. I had to watch it again right away this morning I loved it so much. I'll probably watch it again and again and again because I do that to movies I really love. Catching Fire is one of those movies. All my fangirl feelings when the trailers were playing on the TV are back hardcore.

Everything about this movie was so much better than the first. But the one thing that made me so so happy was Josh's portrayal as Peeta this time around. I liked him in The Hunger Games he was good but I loved him in Catching Fire. Boy did he nail Peeta's whole being in this one. His acting was so much better than the first that for me he was kind of a scene stealer I was so impressed. Just the way he delivered every line and the way he held himself.

Jennifer Lawerence can do no wrong. Every movie she does I always love and she does such an amazing job with playing Katniss again. Like with Josh she really nails Katniss's whole being and she steps things up. She really felt like Katniss too me. Not that I didn't think she wasn't Katniss before but like with Josh she portrayed the character ten times better in Catching Fire.

I feel like with this movie they had better direction not that the last director did a bad job or anything because I did enjoy The Hunger Games. But with this one it was so true to the book and the way it was filmed made me love it right off the bat. Where as with The Hunger Games I went out of the theater wondering did I really like it? Then again I've learned not to be so judgmental towards book-to-movies but I have to say this one was so true that I don't feel like I have anything to be judgmental about. It makes me really happy and excited about Mockingjay because I have total faith in the director and the people writing the scripts after watching Catching Fire. I mean even Effie felt more like Effie in this movie. Her costumes were amazing and felt  much more like Effie than the first movie.

While reading the books Finnick O'dair quickly became a favorite for me. It was really awesome to get to see Finnick on the big screen. At first I was a little nervous about Sam when watching but as the movie progressed he really became Finnick and the next movie is going to rip my heart out. That is all I will say.

All and all I really loved this movie and am so glad that they stuck to the book the best they could. Sure some stuff wasn't in there but they kept it as true as they could fit into two hours and it really had me pleased. And I will end this so I can watch Finnick O'dair try and charm Katniss with some sugar cubes. That is not something to miss. ;)


  1. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it =) I watched it last night too but had already seen it twice in theaters. I agree, it was a lot better than the first. I'm so excited for Mockingjay, why oh why did they have to break it into two parts?!

  2. I never got around to seeing this in the cinema either but your review has me really excited to finally see it. I did like the first movie but this one sounds even better!

  3. Yes! I just got my copy last night and haven't watched it yet, but I remember thinking ALL OF THIS when I saw it in the movies. Somehow it's just so much better and had the same sort of vibe as the book, even though I really did like the first movie a lot. But this one just worked somehow. Can't wait to watch it over and over!!