Feb 12, 2014

Reading Challenges

Since I've started blogging I've always participated in reading challenges. They always are fun and they get me to read books I always seem to put off. It gives me a good push to finally read these books I have been wanting to read. Those reading challenges such as the To-Be-Read Challenges or Contemporary challenges are just for fun. Every year though my big goal is to read one hundred books.

And every year so far I haven't gotten nearly close. A lot of that had to do with either being busy or falling into reading slumps. Oh those damn reading slumps. You read this amazing book and you're just so caught up in it that you don't pick up a book for awhile. And before you know it it's been a couple weeks and you haven't read anything or posted a review.

And BAM! You're in a reading slump. They sneak up on you and they are seriously hard to get out of sometimes!

Don't even get me started on pulling up Goodreads and being reminded just how many books you have fallen behind in order to meet that goal. Thank you, Goodreads for reminding me I'm going to have to read twenty books in a few weeks in order to even be close to my goal.

I've found though this year that I've been nothing but ahead of my goal. Sure it's only been one or two books ahead of schedule but that is something big for me! I'm usually behind by now but I feel like this year I am really determined to meet my goal and read one hundred books. So far I've read twelve books and almost finished with my thirteenth book. I'm really hoping that I can keep this reading flow because it's been going really well and if I can keep on schedule I feel I might finally get all these books read.

I am very excited about the idea of finally meeting my bookish goal. Are you participating in any reading challenges? How do they normally go for you? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I hope you're able to reach your goal this year!! 100 is a lot of books! My main goal is to read 75 this year, last year I aimed for 80 and only read like 55. I'm also doing an audiobooks challenge and a sequels challenge.

  2. I hope you meet your goal! I usually fall behind on mine. I've tried for 100 before and I don't think I actually read more than 60. Right now I'm two books ahead but that probably won't last long. I'm in a bit of a slump right now I think. I haven't felt like reading any of the books I've started recently.