Jan 5, 2014

The Awakening

Five years later and rereading this series four times now it still feels like I've discovered this amazing story for the first time. Despite already knowing how things play out I still found myself unable to put the book down and eager to turn the page. It's truly one of my favorite series and I feel it will stay that way forever.

Chloe Saunders is not your average supernatural teenager. Genetically altered at birth by a sinister team of scientists, she can barely control her terrifying powers. Now the team that created her has decided it's time to end the experiment. Permanently.

Now Chloe is running for her life along with a charming sorcerer, a troubled werewolf and a temperamental young witch. Together they have a chance for freedom - but can Chloe trust her new friends?

Chloe Saunders thought she was nuts after being admitted into the Lyle House for mentally disturbed teenagers. Turns out she's not nuts but a supernatural who can raise the dead. Why would these people want to make these kids think they were crazy? They aren't exactly the people they try to make you think they are that's for sure.

Chloe is one of my favorites. She grows so much from The Summoning. She's braver, stronger, tougher, and all around a better person. She was always a good person. Very selfless but she's grown into herself a bit more in this book. I loved how she took charge and didn't allow Tori's comments to get to her or Derek's grumpiness. She has a thicker skin and she isn't stuttering as often when she speaks.

Derek grows a lot in this book as well. He opens up and we get to see what is beneath that grumpy exterior. In fact we get to understand his grumpiness. I was always curious about Derek and liked him but in The Awakening I didn't just like him I loved him. We see that most of his anger comes from true concern for Chloe. I loved how Derek started to realize how he spoke to people. He worked on being better with his words. Derek is a solid guy and I can't even begin to express how much I love this character. Like Chloe he is one of my favorites and always will be.

My favorite part of this book was when Derek and Chloe bond and get to understand one another better. Whether Chloe realized it Derek cares for her. Deep down I think Chloe does know this but isn't sure what to think about it or how it makes her feel. And I love that about these books. Romance doesn't just bloom right away it's slow going with all of them. Even with Simon you know he likes Chloe but nothing is rushed or develops unrealistically. It's a slow and much more endearing development whether it be between Chloe and Derek or Chloe and Simon. Sometimes slow is better. You get to understand the characters better that way I think.

Kelley Armstrong writes in a way that easily entraps readers. Everything is so vivid and clear that it makes the read even more enjoyable. Everything is so well thought and with every turn of the page something new is developing. I can never get enough of Kelley Armstrong's books. Whether it be to reread this series or read some of her other work. I'm always impressed.

The Awakening is getting 5 out of 5 birds from me! I adore this series and it's characters so much. I know I've said it before but I will say it again. It's a series that goes on forever. It's become sort of a tradition to go back and revisit the story every year or so. Read this series and you'll find yourself just as caught up in the characters and the adventure they go on!  

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