Nov 9, 2013

How I Live Now

Ever since seeing the movie trailer for How I Live Now starring Soairse Ronan and George Mackay I have been dying to see it. I'd always check IMDB seeing if they updated when and where it would premier in the United States. And finally after waiting for what seems like ages it came out yesterday and of course I rented it on I-tunes and waited and waited as it download. Seriously I-tunes why so slow on the movie downloads?

But anyways I won't rant about how slow it takes for I-tunes to download a movie...I find that I always love the movies that movie critics pick at and hate. And I had read many reviews that weren't very fond of this movie when trying to find out more about the film. The verdict? I loved it of course. Those movie critics obviously don't know a good movie when they see it. I watched it twice before it expired and then re-watched some of my favorite scenes which a lot of them had George Mackay in... I mean can you blame me?

Saoirse Ronan is becoming one of my favorite actresses. Which is kind of funny because the very first movie I ever saw her in was Atonement and I never liked her because she played such a terrible character. Her acting was wonderful it was the character that was horrible. But as she got older and she began to take on all these different movies like The Host, The Lovely Bones, and Hanna I began to really like her. Saoirse does an amazing job in How I Live Now. At the beginning she's a totally OCD bitch.

And even throughout when her and Piper are trying to survive the war she isn't this loving caring cousin. She's still cold at times trying to survive. But she definitely grows on you because you know there's a reason she's so messed up. I really loved her performance and holy crap does she do a good job hiding her Irish accent! It's amazing how she can do that because she has a pretty strong accent you'd think would be difficult to hide.

George Mackay is an actor I'm not familiar with at all. He's been in Peter Pan as one of lost boys but I was too busy crushing on the guy playing Peter Pan back in the days to even remember him really. But from the moment of seeing him in the trailer I was so intrigued. Okay I was already crushing. But hey he's got that whole mysterious quiet thing going on. I was really impressed with this actor. I thought he did a good job and it wasn't just because I liked looking at him and listening to him talk which he didn't do all that often but when he did OH MY.

The other two kids in this movie did a really wonderful job as well. The young girl who played Piper was so adorable and for not being in anything before she did such a good job! And the boy who played Issac did a really good job as well. I was really sad about a certain scene involving him. Got really chocked up.

I love indie movies because they always seem to boil right down to the raw and heart of the story. It's one of my new favorites and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can add it to my collection. I probably should have read the book first before I saw the movie. That's like the biggest rule of being a book nerd but I couldn't help myself! I plan to read the book though. I'm curious how the book is because from what I've read the authors writing style is different but really interesting.

Anyways, this was pretty much me just raving about a movie which just happens to be a book. Watch the trailer and see if maybe it's something you might like to see!

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