Sep 4, 2013

Missing In Action

Where the heck have I been? Well I have been missing in action from the blog. I posted one thing recently. ONE THING. I used to have to restrain myself from posting three things a day. And now I barely am putting out one post if any at all.

I haven't had the time to really think about trying to blog or even read. Life has been quite busy between work and my family. It's funny I had more time when I was doing school my junior year than I did this whole summer. And I didn't start to really get back into reading until the last week of summer--which was just last week. School is in session! Four five months anyways and then my Senior year is O-V-E-R. Can you tell I'm ready to just be finished with High School?

This summer was a whirl wind. I got another job at a farmers market and that started at 8AM pretty much everyday I could go and then from there I had to get to the barn and I was pretty much there until 8 or 9 every night. That left no time to read because by time I got home I was exhausted. And even when I had the time to read this summer I didn't. Why? I couldn't focus on anything. My brain would just wander off and I'd still be on the same page trying to retain one single line. Pretty much I've had a lot on mind and it's been preventing me from being able to read the way I would like thus why there have been zero reviews posted.

I suppose I could have posted other things like meme's and such but I didn't have it in me honestly. I felt burnt out on blogging for a while. It was stressing me out to be totally truthful. In everyday life I am a worrier. I worry about everything. I can't help it!

So of course I'd be worrying a lot about what to post and whether or not people would actually find it interesting and getting books read at a certain date among other things. I found I was reading all of these books that I didn't really want to read at the time. Many books have been sitting on my shelf because I have felt that I couldn't read them yet. There was always another book that needed to be read first. I stopped Netgalley awhile back because I had no restraint to stop requesting all these amazing books. I even closed my review requests because I couldn't keep up with it. But even then I wasn't into blogging like I was when I first started.

To be truthful I didn't have any intentions of really starting back up. I thought okay I'm done. It was fun for a while but I need to read for me. Not for the blog. But for me. And I have been lately and it is really refreshing. The thing is though I miss the blog. I miss chatting with other bloggers who love the books I do! I've come to the conclusion that I'm not gonna worry anymore. I'm going to post for me and not worry about who reads it and who doesn't. Easier said then done but I'm going to try. I might not post something everyday but I'm slowly going to try and get into the swing of things starting with posting a few reviews.

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