Aug 30, 2013

Cover Reveal

Today I will be helping Kaye Thornbrugh reveal the cover for Brightly which will be released in November of 2013. Brightly is the companion novel to Flicker--a book that I enjoyed so much! I am in love with the cover that was designed for Brightly and I can't wait to find out what happens next for Lee and all the other awesome characters. And now for the stunning cover.....

What do you guys think? I am in love with it! It's so beautiful! I think it goes perfect with Flicker and I can't get over how bright the cover feels when I look at it. It's perfect! Here is a little bit about both books and make sure to let me know what you guys think of the cover in the comments below! You can also find both books on goodreads here and here.

When sixteen-year-old Lee Capren is spirited away to Faerie, she is forced to serve capricious faeries as a prized portrait artist… and live as their prisoner.

A chance encounter with the charming Nasser grants Lee a chance for freedom—but what felt like mere days in Faerie spanned years in the human world, and Lee no longer has a home to return to.

Nasser is a Seer—a human with magical powers—and Lee is quickly plunged into his world: a sprawling city teeming with magic and mystery, where supernatural creatures walk hidden among humans. With the help of a rag-tag group of teenage Seers, Lee must master her newfound magical talent and outwit a cunning faerie determined to destroy her.

After escaping the faeries that held her prisoner in Otherworld, Lee Capren has made a new life for herself. When she’s not slinging spells with her monster-wrangling roommate, Filo, or honing her newfound magical abilities with her boyfriend, Nasser, she’s working in a shop that caters to Bridgestone City’s magical crowd. It’s not exactly a normal life… but it’s hers.

Everything changes when three strangers arrive with a desperate plea for help and a connection to Filo’s cruel former masters. Lee and her friends are soon swept up in the strangers’ quest to break a curse that plagues their island home.

Unraveling the secret of the curse will take them from an island where merfolk swim in the coves to a hidden city beneath the streets of Seattle and beyond. As the danger grows, relationships are tested, new ones are forged, and in the face of impossible choices, Lee learns the hardest lesson of all: Where there is love,there is also heartbreak. With time running out and lives on the line, it becomes clear that failure could cost their lives—and success could cost them everything else.

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