Jun 11, 2013

Where I Belong

Ever since seeing Where I Belong on amazon and instantly falling in love with it's cover I knew I had to read this book. After being excited for the longest time about this book I'm glad I finally read it. I really enjoyed it but at the same time it wasn't what I expected.

Summary from Goodreads:

Meet Corrinne. She's living every girl's dream in New York City—shopping sprees at Barneys, open access to the best clubs and parties, and her own horse at the country club. Her perfect life is perfectly on track. At least it was. . . .

When Corrinne's father is laid off, her world suddenly falls apart. Instead of heading to boarding school, she's stripped of her credit cards and shipped off to the boonies of Texas to live with her grandparents. On her own in a big public school and forced to take a job shoveling manure, Corrinne is determined to get back to the life she's supposed to be living. She doesn't care who she stomps on in the process. But when Corrinne makes an unlikely friend and discovers a total hottie at work, she begins to wonder if her life B.R.—before the recession—was as perfect as it seemed.

Corrinne is a city girl living the privileged life in New York city. She does what she wants and doesn't really care about the consequences.  Her life is ending in her eyes when her parents break the news they are moving to Broken Spoke Texas. Corrinne is in for a rude awakening...

The moment I started Where I Belong I got something completely different then I was expecting and I really enjoyed that about this book. Sometimes the unexpected is good and it was with this one. In the beginning I couldn't stand Corrinne. She was a city girl with a bad attitude. It seemed like all she did was whine and bitch about things. She was self-centered and plan nasty. Little by little she started to change. I started to like her and her attitude was getting better. By all means she wasn't perfect but that was good. No one is perfect. I turned out to really love Corrinne and I'm glad I didn't give up within those first couple chapters of her New York attitude.

Where I Belong had the perfect setting. I love anything country and this book was full of the finest things. Cowboys, horses, rodeos, and old trucks. I fell in love with the little ole town of Broken Spoke. Sure it's a small little town in Texas and only has one restaurant but I loved the community they seemed to have and of course the Cowboys weren't bad either. There seriously needs to be more YA books with cowboys. They are the best.

Since I'm on the topic of Cowboys I should talk about Bubby because I adored this guy. Right off the bat you can tell he's sweet on Corrinne and right off the bat I was sweet on him. He liked to poke and pick on Corrinne and it cracked me up. It was the kind of picking that made it obvious the guy had a thing for her. Corrinne was just to stuck up to care. I was ready to slap her a few times for not realizing the nice guy who was right in front of her.

"Manhattan, Grandma and Grandpa want you home before it's dark. Hurry before you turn back into a stiletto." 

Rider has to be one of the most awful love interests. He's self-centered and all he thinks about is his music. He's the guy who uses you to get what he wants. I disliked him right off the bat. Throughout the book I couldn't understand Corrinne's obsession with him. He was just so...blah.

This book is full of characters who I really enjoyed. From Kitsy who I would want as a friend to Tripp the most adorable little brother on the planet of YA siblings. And don't even get me started on Corrinne's grandparents. I absolutely loved them! Especially loved when her grandpa was teaching her to drive stick shift. Gwendolyn Heasley did a really good job creating likeable and hateable characters.

Where I Belong is getting 4 out of 5 birds from me. It's a cute and fun summer read. Once you get past Corrinne's terrible attitude and she arrives in Texas the book gets good to the point you stay up until one in the morning to finish it. I really adored this book despite it not being at all what I expected. It ended perfectly and I can't wait to read another book by this author. I'd definitely recommend this one to people. It's just so adorable!


  1. I've seen mixed things about this book. Like you, I was excited to read it when I first saw it. Unlike you, that excitement waned eventually. But I'm happy to see that you enjoyed the book, and I might just give it a shot! Great characters are always the best parts of a book for me, so I think I would like it :)

    -Taylor @ Reading is the Thing

  2. Yay! I'm glad you liked it so much! I'm hoping to read this one soon, even though I'm more of a city girl than a country girl. :) Great review, Bailey!

  3. I bought this one immediately when it went on e-sale. I've had it for at least a month and I'm still on like page 5. LOL. I know we're supposed to hate Corrine in the beginning, but she just turns me off SO MUCH. Great review, Bailey. I'm glad it gets up-to-1am-good.