May 10, 2013

Different Roads Blog Tour: Review

Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on Different Roads by Lori L. Clark for the Different Roads blog tour hosted by Xpresso Book Tours! Make sure to check out all the other stops for this blog tour.

Different Roads wasn't a book I really knew about but once I saw it and read what it was about I knew I wanted to sign up for the blog tour. It just sounded like a really good book. After reading Different Roads by Lori L. Clark I'm a bit torn on how I feel about it.

Summary from Goodreads:

It's been said that when we look back over our lives, we are able to recognize the pivotal moments that in some way, shape, or form have led us to where we are today.

When Jacqueline Carter is fifteen, she crosses paths for the first time with Seth Thomas, a young man who unwittingly alters the direction of her life forever.

Jaq plans to break-up with her boyfriend on her sixteenth birthday. Instead, she is date-raped, and left emotionally broken. She builds a wall around her heart and begins spiraling downward on a road filled with drinking, drugs and physical abuse.
When Seth re-enters her life a few years later, the walls around her heart slowly come down and the two of them fall in love.

Unfortunately sometimes, fate has other ideas, and we're forced down a different road from which we initially set out.

Jacqueline Carter is raped when she's fifteen and by time she's seventeen she's a druggie. Her life seems to take all the worst turns it possibly can even after she gets her act together. 

I'm not sure where to start with this book. It was an interesting read and it kept my attention throughout while I was reading it. Honestly if I didn't have other things that I had to do I would have read Different Roads in one sitting. But there was so much about this book that bugged me despite liking it.

Jacqueline isn't a character I found I could relate too. I didn't particularly hate this character but I didn't like her that much either. I was in between liking and disliking her. She just kept making the stupidest decisions. I just couldn't understand how she could keep doing the things she did even though the outcome would be the same--or ten times worse. And even though I couldn't relate to Jacqueline I did love how witty she could be with Shelly and with Brad. Brad was probably the only character I really liked and the way things turned out for him were so horrible!

I felt that Different Roads moved so quick that information that could have been so helpful for this book was left out. Like what happened to Amanda? If being raped broke Jacqueline the way it did why was it never mentioned again? I just felt like there were to many gaps in the story and it left me with so many questions about certain things. 

Damon I loath with a fiery passion. He's a scumbag and needs a good couple kicks where it hurts. I will admit I was intrigued by him when he first appeared in the book but I knew he was trouble and oh my god was he trouble. He's charming at first and then the real jerk is let loose not the constantly flirting jerk but a jerk with a capital J. The things he said and did to Jacqueline were repulsive. Lisa L. Clark did a pretty darn good job creating a slim ball who not a single soul will like. He's just disgusting.

Seth is another character who I wish I could have gotten better information on. I wasn't all to pleased with him because I felt like I learned nothing about him or why he broke things off with Jacqueline. So I don't even know what to say about him because I don't know anything about him. Yeah, I liked him because he was sweet and caring to Jacqueline but that's all I know. This is one of the gaps I wish would have been filled because I think Seth could have been a really fantastic character.

I know it probably sounds like I didn't like this book but that isn't the case. Despite the lack of character development and major gaps I actually really enjoyed this book. Lisa L. Clark wrote a book that is different from most. I think how she ended this one was pretty gutsy and so realistic. I never expected that was how it would end. It blew me away that was how things turned out for Jacqueline. I think it's that gutsy ending that really made me like this book more.

Different Roads is an interesting and realistic story that will keep your attention throughout but it lacks a bit with the characters and it felt a bit rushed. Despite that I did really enjoy this book and that ending blew me away. Different Roads is getting 3 out of 5 birds from me. I do think I would recommend this book because of the fact it does portray an abusive relationship so realistically and I think that would be good for anyone to read.

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  1. Very nice place you have here. :) Thank you for participating on the blog tour!

  2. I think books on this subject are so important as it really makes people understand what those situations are like and how hard it is to get out of. Glad you enjoyed it even though you had a few issues with it. Great review, Bailey!

  3. Seth sounds like Jaq's savior in a way, so I agree, it would have been nice if his character had more dimension. I got to say, I wish that the synopsis was a little more vague. It seems like the whole book is summed up right there. Great review :)