Apr 2, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Should Be Reading were you grab a book, open it up, find something that isn't going to spoil the book and share it. You do this twice from any random page just make sure the teasers are not SPOILERS! This week I will be sharing two teasers from With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent!

"Tod laughed. He was always able to find humor in even the creepiest situations. I'd thought that was an undead thing. Then I realized it was a Tod thing." (from pg. 24)

"He stood, and i stood in front of him, as if I could possibly block a reaper's path if he wanted to leave. "No. Tod, wait." I put one hand on his chest, feeling for his heartbeat, but it wasn't there."(from pg. 162)

This series...I just...I can't believe it's ending. I remember when I fist came across this series. Bought the first book and finished it in a day and was back at the bookstore the next day buying the second and third book. Then I had to wait forever for the next books to come out. And now it's almost over! I am so sad to let go of these characters but the book has been so good so far I can already tell it's going to be one heck of an ending. Hope you liked the teasers I picked out! :)


  1. This is a series I've been meaning to try out for so long! I even have the 1st book om my shelf collecting dust >.<

  2. I have really really been wanting to read this series. I want to meet Tod soooo badly. I've heard nothing but awesomeness about him!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction