Apr 13, 2013

Random Ramblings

It wont be the first time on here that I've mentioned I was a vegetarian. I've talked openly about it and the frustrations that come along with it. People just don't seem to understand it and you get this look. You get asked the same questions. The look soon follows after as they don't seem to understand it even after you've explained.

Yesterday I saw something that has me thinking more about things. I am in no way meaning to sound like people who eat meat are mean ole butt heads because then that would mean I think my best friend is a mean ole butt head and she isn't. I love her to death and she eats meat. But what I love even more about her is she never not once questioned why I stopped eating meat in the first place. She just accepted and it was like "That's cool yo. I like hamburgers to much to stop eating meat." But today I'm not going to ramble about that but rather ramble about something else.

I just wanted to make it clear what ever I type next isn't meant to offend or anything. I'm just rambling...like usual.

Ohtay? Ohtay.

This is what has been running through my head since yesterday: How can people knowing what they know still eat meat? Is it just because they are stronger and can accept the "circle of life" or does it make me stronger for choosing to cut meat out of my diet?

I don't know. Maybe the answer is both. But I recently was looking around PETA's site and I saw a really horrific video. I've stayed clear of those because I've heard how horrible they are and I don't want to see them. Just thinking about it and hearing about how bad they are was enough to make me stop eating meat. And the fact is I just I love animals to much and see them as family and friends and as Bruce from Finding Nemo says.... "Fish are Friends, not food." But...I watched that video and now I'm scared for life.

Within those 60 seconds of that video that showed exactly what happened to those animals who were getting slaughtered I was crying. I'm that person who gets more sad when a animal dies in a movie than the person. Is that a bad thing? Maybe. Maybe not. It's just me. And seeing that video--just now thinking about it as I type this has me filled with a horrible gut wrenching feeling. After stepping away from my computer and getting myself composed---because lets face it people I was bawling. Not just sniffle sniffle that's sad. Full out ugly crying. I got to thinking. How can someone watch a video like that and still be able to eat a hamburger?

Maybe it simply does just boil down to simply accepting how life is. I openly tell my little sister that hey you know that hotdog is a little piggy despite my moms look that says Please don't traumatize your sister... But it doesn't bother her. She's like "Yeah I know." She's very literal and at seven it doesn't bother her. She just accepts life for what it is. Me? I obviously can't do that. But it makes me wonder how can all these people just shrug and be like "Life is life." Haven't they ever looked into a dog's face and seen a twinkle in their eyes? Or embraced a horse and thought "You're my best friend?" What makes it okay to slaughter them when they themselves speak their own language? Because the hard truth is not just pigs and cows get slaughtered so do dogs and horses and so many other animals.

You just have to stop and listen in a way you might not be used to. I don't know. I'm really really upset and I'm just trying to understand how some people can watch something that horrific and not want to do something about it. Because I do. I want to yell very loudly at the people who work in those slaughter houses. How can they do that? How can they go to work everyday and kill those animals seeing how terrified they are?

The same stands for people who abuse animals. I'm really into horses and a friends shared a picture of a horse up for auction and it got me looking into all the other horses that are being auctioned and...some of those pictures are horrible. What makes it okay to just get rid of a horse to an auction house because it's no use to you anymore? Haven't you heard of friendship? You pretty much just sent your horse to slaughter. But who cares right? It's just a horse. It doesn't have feelings or thoughts of its own. Oh, I guess my horse (Fury) isn't thinking for himself when he decides "Hell no were going left not right!" Or how about when Fury has a middle heartache everytime his pal Darty is gone for to long. He's just screaming his head off for no reason of course. No. He has thoughts. He has feelings. He makes them clear ever single time I see him.

Some days I get a look like this that warms my heart.

Other days I get a horse who just knows he's going to get ridden so decides he's gonna plant his feet and not move a muscle. Because hey! It's fun to be barn sour. Or hey! It's fun to stand in a field for an hour with a stubborn horse. Yep. That sounds like a stupid animal to me.

Phew. Okay. Sorry. I went from horribly sad to in a rage. But can you blame me though? All I got to say now is animals have feelings too. Anyone who has pets or is around horses or any other farm animal knows this is true. They have personalities of their own and the longer your around them the quicker they come out.  Eat meat or don't eat meat it's up to you. In no way am I try to persuade anyone to stop eating meat I'm just rambling all the thoughts swimming in my brain right now. It doesn't make you a horrible person either way it's just a life choice. And I am just one of those people who was raised around animals and love them to much to eat them.


  1. I eat meat. Hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers... Whatever. I just like it too much not to. But I totally understand where you're coming from. I wouldn't like to explain why I do like to eat hamburgers just as much as you probably don't like explaining why you don't like to eat them. It's a choice. There's no right or wrong answer. I think most people know how animals become hot dogs and hamburgers and stuff, but we all just sort of disconnect while we're eating. I don't know. It's like, I know it's an animal, but it's also food. I will admit, I have a hard time cooking certain foods. Like tuna fish. Ew. It looks like chopped up fish and that disgusts me. But if someone else prepares it, then I can eat it just fine. People have always killed animals for food and I'm okay with that, but I don't want to be the one who does it.

    The horse thing I think is terrible. There are nice places and people who could take a horse if someone doesn't want it anymore. They don't need to send them to be killed. That's like putting your dog to sleep because he pees in your house. I've actually heard of people who have done this! It makes me soooo mad! Anyway, now I'm ranting. Good topic!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  2. It's really simple, a lot of people just do not care. They know what happens to animals but they want to eat the end product and so they do and the animal issue doesn't make them feel bad as it does us.

    Other people feel guilty but want to pretend it doesn't happen and will honestly say to me "don't tell me!" even when I never lecture them or anything like that.

    But, there are plenty of people who DO care, who ignore the conditioning we grew up with and see animals as more than just food. They are sentient beings and deserve to be treated as such.