Apr 3, 2013

Random Ramblings

I wouldn't be me if I didn't have random thoughts in my head and recently I keep thinking about all these bookmarks I have and how I only use one of them out of all the awesome and pretty bookmarks. Before I got into blogging and started to win and receive bookmarks and other swag I never really used bookmarks. I never had any that were cool enough to use I guess. Which sounds weird but it's so true in my case! Because lets face it we like our bookmarks to look nice along with our books. Or maybe that is just me? I wouldn't be surprised. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to my books.

I never ever doggy ear any of my books I just always used my receipts to mark where I left off. And now a lot of those receipts are still in the books. I have a weird thing where I just don't throw them away. I stick them back in the book for some reason. Maybe so I can remember the day I got them? I don't know. I'm an odd ball when it comes to bookmarks apparently.

You're probably wondering what this bookmark looks like that I always use nowadays and well it's this one.

Possibly it has everything to do with the fact that Ryan Gosling is on it but I have another one with him and Rachel McAdams but I always use this one. Always. I don't know why but I must really love it. I don't have a clue why...but it's always stuck in my books lol.

Well. This seems like a really pointless post now that I have rambled about a bookmark. But, I guess I'll post it anyways and ask this: Do you guys have a bookmark that you find you always use even though you have a bunch of others that are just collecting dust?

As always here's a picture of one of the Mascots.


  1. I have so many bookmarks, but usually I just use homework assignments! Like I always get worksheets in Spanish and I don't want to lose them so I just fold it up and throw it in my book! But I just ordered my prom dress a few weeks ago, and when it came in the mail it came with two post cards that says something about Marilyn Monroe that says "if loving fashion is a crime, then we plead guilty." Hahaha!

    1. Hahah I love that! I bet the post cards are super cute. I have quite a few now too but I never use any of them. I think part of the reason is because I don't want to ruin them. I think eventually I'll end up doing a collage with all of them. I've seen some people do that with all their swag and it looks really cool! :)

  2. Haha! I have a ton of bookmarks just sitting around on my shelf. Some are in books I started and then forgot about, some are put away in a neat plastic baggy to, at some future date, give away. But the one I use the most? Yeah, it's a piece of printer paper I ripped to be about the size of a bookmark. I've been using it for years and it has made it's home in some of my favorite books. For whatever reason, its always my go to bookmark.

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction