Apr 26, 2013

I Will Be Back

I haven't wanted to type up a post like this one because then I feel like I'm letting down everyone who follows the blog and expects to see something new every day or even just every other day. But I gotta say that I'm not feeling to great about blogging these days.

When I first started blogging I wasn't all that busy but now that I'm in my junior year of high school--which thankfully is almost over ah the stress will be gone yay!--and I have a job and intend to get another I've been well, busy.  I haven't really discussed it on here but the farm I work at is going to be selling this summer and because I am seriously attached to Fury I'm saving up as much as I can to afford him. With that and school and everything else my brain has been quite preoccupied!

Now, I don't want to stop blogging completely because I do really love it but lately I haven't had the enthusiasm that I had when I first started. Right now if I'm being honest it feels like if I don't take a short break the things I do post won't be any good. They will feel forced. I don't want that!

I want this blog to be all that it can and at the moment with everything going on in my life apart from the blogging I haven't been putting all I can into Novel Nerd. I really just need to take like a month to just read books that I desire to read in that moment. I recently just reopened my review requests and within the next day I closed them again because I am in desperate need of reading all those unread books sitting on my bookshelf's.

So, even though the blog might be quiet for a bit aside from blog tours that I have scheduled don't worry I will be back. I just need a short break and hopefully when I come back I'll have the same enthusiasm I had when I first started this blog.

Thanks for understanding guys!


  1. No worries, Bailey! We will still be here when you get back! I hope you get a Fury! And don't worry, junior year is the hardest out of all the years and now that it's ending, it should be more laid back! :) Have fun, don't be gone too long! I will miss you! You better be around twitter still, though! <33 heart ya!

  2. School comes first, hun! I am always surprised and impressed by high school students who book blog, I doubt I would have had the time or made the effort.

    Good luck with school xox