Mar 31, 2013

The Host Movie

You know the feeling when you are so excited about something that you can't stop thinking about it and you are counting down the days? That's how I was about The Host and after seeing the movie on opening day I can say all this obsessing was so worth it and probably will not stop for a while. This movie was so so good. It took me a few days to even try and express my feelings for this movie without sounding like a total fangirl...which I am. :P

Where do I even begin to talk about this movie without typing in all caps and flipping out like a total fangirl? Well, I guess the first thing I can say about this movie is the moment I walked out of the movie theater my first thought was: Finally someone nailed a book adaption and kept it true to the book. 

I'm going to talk about the actors first since I need to discuss how amazing they did. They were cast so perfectly and each one brought the characters to life so amazingly! 

Saoirse Ronan who played Mel/Wanda was spot on. She did such a great job playing Wanda and how she reacted to the things Mel said in her head. I wasn't sure at first if I would like the voice over with Mel it really surprised me when Mel makes her first appearance in Wanda's head but I loved it!! The two became so distinguished just like in the book!

She was so feisty and strong just like in the book. I often found myself chuckling at the stuff she said to Wanda and there were so many moments when it made me tear up as well. Saoirse Ronan was perfect and I can't think of anyone who could have pulled this off the way she did.

And oh my god the chemistry between Max and Saoirse was dripping off the screen in the trailers and TV spots. In the movie it's ten times better and just oozing from the screen.

Max was so Jared. From the moment he slaps Wanda in the cave BAM he's Jared. It was so perfect and so much like the book. He starts of just like in the book as being a loving and smiling guy and turning into this cold and confused man. Gah! He was just perfect and he wasn't hard to look at either. ;)

Jake Abel was the perfect Ian. I can't think of any other word that can describe this cast other than perfect. Jake was Ian plan and simple. He watched Wanda a lot and he pulled it off so well in a not creepy way. And god his eyes! He said so little but they said it all!

I could gush and gush and gush because this movie was so amazing and I feel like people are missing out on the amazing that is The Host because they keep comparing it to Twilight. This is and never will be Twilight. It's so much better and such a completely different story. This movie brings out a lot of different emotions. 

There's one scene where Kyle is shaking that totally had my gut hurting. It was so sad and just ugh! This whole movie was fantastic. There were a few scenes I wish could have been longer but then that would have made it so other things didn't make the amazing ending. The movie ended just the way it should have and I seriously hope they are going to make another one. I know I'm going to see this one again next week! I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't read the book or seen the movie so I'm trying to stay quiet about things that happened but oh my gosh I just want to keep typing. But I will stop...just go see this movie! :D

If you've seen The Host what did you think? Are you as crazy in love with the movie as I am? Let me know what you think in the comments! :)


  1. I'm desperate to see this movie! I adore the book and I really can't wait to see this!

    1. Me too! It's my favorite book ever since I read it. And they did so so good sticking to the book so I hope you like it when you get to see it! :)

  2. The Host is my absolutely favorite book of all time. It's incredible and the movie was a fantastic adaptation. It's one of the first adaptations that kept all of my favorite parts of the book. I do wish Ian and Wanda had a little more screen time because they're romance seemed a little rushed. But OMG I had butterflies in my stomach both times I went to see it! It was amazing! Both times I went though there were only twenty people there! I heard it made a total of like 11 million dollars so far. That's so sad because its like a gazillion times better than Twilight!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. It's mine now too! I can't believe I waited as long as I did to read it. My mom read it a while back and kept trying to get me to read it. Now its my all time favorite now!! :D Yeah, I wouldn't have minded more Ian and Wanda but I just am so glad they stuck to the book the way they did. It was so good! I'm hoping to go see it again next week! :D

  3. I am so glad this lived up to all your expectations! I still haven't read it but I will add it to my list ;)

    1. Mandee you gotta read it! You will love it! And the movie was so so good! :D