Mar 24, 2013

Just Read It! Book Club: Discussion Questions

Hey guys today is the day to post your answers to the questions that we provided you guys a couple weeks ago and even some of your own questions you might of come up with! At the bottom of this post you will find a Linky that you can link up your posts to so everyone involved in the March Read can see everyone's reviews and answers. Also don't forget to vote in the poll for our April Read!

Here are my answers and you can find Lexi's here!

1. Where do you think the title Dualed comes from?

I think that the title Dualed comes from the fact that the whole book conists of two people who will have to come face to face and fight! I personally love the title and think that they did a good job with it.

2. What did you think of the intense first chapter?

I didn't expect the book to jump right into things the way it did. It was such a good first chapter and I loved how it provoked a lot of emotions at the end of the first chapter.  

3. What are your thoughts on the action scenes?

I thought the action scenes were pretty good and I could easily see them in my head. Elsie Chapman definitely had a way of creating those scenes. I also really loved how each action scene was different and they all seemed to stand out in there own way in the book.

4. What did you think of West's relationship with Chord?

I loved West and Chord's relationship! It was perfect. It wasn't something that developed quickly but it was obvious that the two cared for each other. I just really loved how realistic their relationship was. It wasn't rushed. 

5. If you could change one thing about West, what would it be?

Hmm, if I could change one thing about West it would probably be her tendency to shut people out. She didn't always realize it but she couldn't do everything on her own. She needed other people to watch her back sometimes. 

6. Did you ever wonder what was going through West's Alt's head?

I did all the time! I was so curious about the Alt and why she did what she did. West may see something but it could have been totally different from the Alt's perspective. I would have loved to get some insight into West's Alt's thoughts. It's just something that I think would have been cool to get to understand.

7. What did you think of the last chapter and ending? 

I thought it was a good ending! It kept me curious enough to want  to know what would happen next. It made me want to know more about Baer! There wasn't enough of him in Dualed in my opinion so I'm hoping we get to see more of him in the next book.

8. Is there a character you would have liked to see more of?

Dess and Baer! I felt like these two characters weren't in the book enough. I was so curious about both of them and their stories.

9. What was your favorite part of the novel?

Hmm, probably the last few chapters when West and her Alt finally come face to face. Those were my favorite chapters in the book! 

10. What was your least favorite part of the novel? 

My least favorite part of the novel...the first chapter because of how it ended! It was so good but I was sad with what happened at the end. It was such a good and intense chapter but it was so heartbreaking! 

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