Mar 2, 2013

Blog Tour: None Of The Regular Rules Review

Today I'll be taking part of the blog tour for None Of The Regular Rules by Erin Downing hosted by Xpresso Book Tours. There are so many fabulous bloggers taking part in this blog tour so make sure you check out the full schedule!

You know those books that you just love so much you can't wait to read it again? That is exactly how I felt about None Of The Regular Rules by Erin Downing. I am so glad to have gotten the chance to take part of this blog tour and read this wonderful book.

 Summary from Goodreads:

Sometimes, a few dares can change lives…

The weekend before the start of senior year, Sophie Erickson and her best friends, Ella and Grace, discover a handwritten list of dares tucked away in the glove compartment of Sophie’s beat-up old Toyota. But this isn’t just any list; it’s a dead girl's bucket list.

Sophie's beloved aunt Suzy died as a teenager in a fatal fall, leaving Sophie with an overly cautious family, a few fading photographs, and a bucket of bolts that barely passes for a car. But now, Sophie has Suzy’s list of the things she wanted to do in her last year of high school. Sophie can't help but wonder: What would happen if she tried to fulfill Suzy’s last wishes, to live out the longed-for life of her aunt, her hero?

As Sophie and her friends attempt to knock off the things on Suzy's list of dares, love blossoms in unexpected places and Sophie begins to feel that her life is finally coming together...when in fact, everything is slowly unraveling around her. When the truth about a long-held family secret threatens to shatter everything she believed to be true, Sophie is forced to question everything she knew about the life and people she believed in, and ultimately herself.

Sophie and her two best friends find a list of dares in her beat up car that she got passed down from her Aunt Suzy who died when she was very young. Little did they know that this list would change their lives.

Everything about this book from it's cover and intriguing summary drew me in but I didn't realize going in just how much I would love this book and it's many fabulous and colorful characters. It's one of those books that when I try and talk about how much I loved it I can't seem to find the right words. I'll do my best but know that nothing I say can fully describe how amazing this book was.

Sophie is such a great character. She goes through so much throughout the span of the 140 pages of this book and I loved the character development with Sophie. In the beginning she isn't very much into change or taking risks but the moment they find that list her life and her best friends change. Sophie gets so consumed by this list that it does change her as a person and even though at first I was worried she was going to end up like her Aunt I was pleasantly surprised with how things turned out with Sophie.

This book just wouldn't be the same without Ella and Grace. These two are complete polar opposites and the things that were said between Ella, Grace, and Sophie were hilarious and so witty. Grace the perfect student and Ella the athlete with some attitude were two of my favorite characters. They may not have been the main focus of this book but man were they good characters. They just like Sophie go through changes because of this list and I loved seeing how they turned out by the end of the book. I was so proud of Grace for what she did and even for Ella for moving on.

"Lets be honest Gracie. Did your fight have absolutely everything to do with his eyebrows?"

Johnny Rush man was he one of those characters who I instantly fell head over heels over. I just couldn't help it. Johnny is just so easy to like.  What I loved about him was he wasn't perfect. He had his own story to tell and I loved that. Book boys are always better when they aren't perfect...but sort of are perfect for not being perfect. Does that make sense? Pretty much Johnny Rush is perfect for not being perfect and I really wish he was a real dude. 

The dialogue is part of what made this book so easy to read and love. I love dialogue that really makes me laugh, cry or even get angry because then I know that I'm feeling things and a book isn't good if you don't have feelings while reading it. But the witty dialogue isn't all that makes this book so loveable its the story its self. Sure this book has a lot of laugh out loud moments and heart fluttery moments as these girls complete a list of dares but there is a really great story in it all. I feel like if I talk to much about it it will run the book for anyone who hasn't read it yet but just know that this book is amazing!

"You are really, truly bad at this rebel business. But I respect the effort--no judging."

Erin Downing did such a fantastic job with this book and her writing is so captivating. The moment I started this book I just couldn't stop. You get to invested in the story and its characters. She wasn't an author who's work I had read previously but now after reading None Of The Regular Rules and getting a taste of just how talented this author is I know for a fact I will be reading anything and everything by Erin Downing.

None Of The Regular Rules by Erin Downing is a fun and at times thought provoking book. Anyone who loves a fantastic contemporary read that you blow through but wish you had read a bit slower will love this book! This book is getting 5 out of 5 birds from me! I just loved it so much! Honestly, right now if someone asked what to read next I would instantly say None Of The Regular Rules by Erin Downing.

~~Thanks so much to Erin and Xpresso Reads for a copy of this book!~~



  1. Wow it sounds very good and character oriented! I love those types or reads! So happy you enjoyed it!

  2. I remember seeing this one a while back. I'm so happy it turned out to be a home run. Lately I've run into a lot of flat characters, which has made me discouraged. Great review! I'm adding this to my tbr right now.