Feb 8, 2013

Song Of The Week

This week I've had two songs that I've been listening to a lot. One of them I found because of another free song on I-tunes while the other I heard in the credits of a movie I love, adore and am a tad bit obsessed with.

Gold by Wake Owl

I am so glad that this band was featured as a free song on I-tunes because one I love this song and two I love this band! I don't know if I would have found them if not for being free and I am so glad that I did stumble across them because I love there EP. They remind me a bit of The Lumineers who I adore! 

I Know You Care by Ellie Goulding:

For a while I was really into Ellie Goulding's music but I listened to a few of her songs so much that I ended up getting very annoyed by her voice. I have that problem. I listen to a song until I despise it. But after hearing this song at the end of the movie Now Is Good I can't stop listening to it. I don't really mind her voice in this song. It doesn't get on my nerves like Lights--a song of hers I listened to on end and now can't stand. But I just love this song! 

Do you have a song you can't get out of your head or even one you listened to so much you hate it now? Let me know in the comments! :)



  1. Nice picks! I love coming here to find new music!

    This is what's been in my head this week http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfBLExaa6io it's from an episode of Scrubs :)

  2. I definitely know what you mean about listening to songs over and over and over again. Whenever I get obsessed with a song I listen to it constantly for days like Seven Devils, Age of Aquarius, etc. and then I can't listen to it for another month or more. Haha.