Feb 2, 2013

Random Ramblings

Okay so this Random Ramblings post is going to be a bit different because I'm kind of ranting but not ranting at the same time...or maybe I am ranting and failed not to sound ranty which is totally possible because I don't feel like rereading this post because then I will just end up not posting it at all. But I had to say something because I was really annoyed by all these comments I was seeing about the people who have been cast in the Vampire Academy movie.

I am a huge fan of Richelle Mead's book series Vampire Academy so when it was announced that they were going to actually make a movie I was thrilled about it. Things moved fast and yesterday they just announced they cast Rose, Lissa and Dimitri. This is exciting! It means we are getting so much closer to this movie becoming real and watchable. But I noticed so many people freaking out on the page over who was cast and the possible title change. This isn't going to be a ranty post (I hope) but what I don't understand is why we can't all just be excited we get to see a book we love on the big screen?

I'll admit I wasn't over joyed with who they cast as Rose and Lissa but I wasn't mad about it either. And once I thought about it and looked at pictures of the actress I could see them as the characters I love so much. I mean there had to be a reason they were cast. I just had to stop being so judgy about it. Because trust me when it comes to books being adapted we book lovers are judgy and down right whiny if they don't get stuff perfect. Or...maybe it's just me? I know for a fact I am way to judgy of adaptions. But hey I love books so much I want it to be just like the book. But I've learned that I gotta stop judging them because even though they weren't just like the book they were pretty good. I was down right judgy with The Hunger Games and it took me three times of watching the movie to stop judging it and really love it. And now I love it to pieces and have watched it so many times I can't count it on my toes or fingers the amount of times I've watched it. It's just so good.

My point is I don't understand why everyone is posting comments about how mad or annoyed they are about it or how it's stupid to tick off fans this early on into the process. Some of the comments are being pretty mean and I don't know it's really bugging me. Would you rather not have a movie? I know I wouldn't which is why I don't understand it. We are actually getting a movie. We get to drool over Dimitri. And oh my goodness did they pick a good Dimitri.

Dimitri! Hunky kick-butt Russian speaking Dimitri! :D I have been dying to see him on the big screen ever since finishing the first book in the series and the fact they cast someone who is actually Russian is so awesome.

So I'll end the post with this: Can't we just be happy and not get all whiny over the casting?

Lets just sit back and be excited and get ready to count down the days for it's release. Cause come on we all know we're going to be counting down the days. Don't even try and deny it and play it cool. ;)

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  1. I'm so happy with the news! :) I'm usually pretty eager to comply with the cast they pick for adaptations, but sometimes I'm a bit reluctant. Great post though! :)