Feb 22, 2013

Pieces Blog Tour: Review Pieces

Today I'll be taking part in Pieces by Michelle Davidson Argyle blog tour being hosted by Xpresso Book Tour. I'll be reviewing both The Breakaway and Pieces today on the blog. I was really thrilled to get the chance to take part in this blog tour. Make sure to check out the full tour schedule! You can find my review of The Breakaway here.

After finishing and loving The Breakaway by Michelle Davidson Argyle I was eager and so excited to get to start the second book Pieces but from the moment I started the book I just wasn't feeling this book. To be totally honest I had a really difficult time while reading because I just couldn't get into the story the way I did with The Breakaway.

 Summary from Goodreads:

Two years after watching her kidnappers go to prison, Naomi Jensen is still in love with one of them. Jesse will be released in a few years, and Naomi knows college is the perfect distraction while she waits. But when her new friend Finn makes her question what is right and what is wrong, she begins to wonder if Jesse is the one for her … until she discovers he's out on parole. Naomi must sort through her confusion to figure out where love and freedom truly lie—in Finn, who has no connections to her past, or Jesse, who has just asked her to run away with him.

Pieces is a companion to The Breakaway and can be read independently, if desired.

It's two years after the events in The Breakaway and Naomi is in college and not but a few chapters in does she learn that Jesse is on parole. Of course this causes some complications in her life considering she is still in love with him.

Naomi Jensen is just as confused in Pieces as she was in The Breakaway--more even. Throughout Pieces she just couldn't figure out her life, her feelings or even her thoughts really. She was so focused on a desire to love Jesse that she blocked everything that was right in front of her. It took me a bit to like Naomi in Pieces and eventually I did. Eventually I was proud of the decisions she made but in the beginning I couldn't get past how frustrating it was she revolved her life around Jesse--years after her kidnapping. She needed to move on and confront things.

Finn is a character who I knew by the end of the book I would be rooting for but at first I wasn't to sure about. I was totally right about the rooting for part. Finn was that guy, the one who just knew Naomi better than anyone. The guy that makes you smile and totally seems perfect--yet isn't and that makes him even more amazing. I pretty much loved Finn and am glad the way things turned out for him. 

Jesse, man did I not like Jesse. The character I loved in The Breakaway is no longer present in Pieces and in away I feel like that was the point. Naomi is no longer kidnapped and Jesse is no longer in prison and now that they are out in the world as normal every day people there were things about Jesse that...I just didn't like. It was like the Stockholm syndrome while reading this book was just gone--stripping away with each chapter. I loved that because in the first book I could understand Naomi's feelings and in this one all that Stockholm was just stripped away. It goes to show just how powerful Michelle's writing is to be able to achieve something like that. And though my heart didn't flutter over this character like in The Breakaway and he just wasn't...appealing anymore I still felt a tiny bit of respect for his trying to change.

It took me quite a bit to finish this book because it wasn't until around page 130 that I really got into the book. I just didn't feel the same spark with the characters and world like I did with the first book and in the beginning I kept thinking "Maybe this one should have just stayed a stand alone..." but after finishing this book I realize that isn't true. Michelle did a really good job with this book despite my having problems in the beginning. She wrapped up Naomi's story really well and I am glad that she wrote this book.

Pieces though a bit to slow for me in the beginning turned out to be a pretty good book that needed to be written. It wrapped things up for Naomi really well and I loved how strong she turned out to be. I knew she had it in her just took a bit to come out. I enjoyed the book, but didn't love it like The Breakaway. Pieces is getting 3 out of 5 birds from me. I think everyone will enjoy this book and will love how Naomi's life turns out for her. It was a good ending to her story.

~~Thanks to Xpresso Tours for a copy of this book!~~

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