Feb 5, 2013

Now Is Good

The other day I watched a movie called Now Is Good and since it is a YA book adapation I felt I needed to blog about it. One because I loved it so much and two because if I don't talk about it it's all I'm going to be thinking about and I have book I need to be reading...not thinking about this awesome movie even though that's all I want to do.

If you've read Before I Die by Jenny Downham then you know that this book is one of a kind. As is the movie. Now it's been a really long time since I read Before I Die but I think that this movie did really well to capture the story so much so that I watched it twice in the same day because I'm a nerd like that.

They nailed it casting Dakota Fanning as Tessa. She was perfect and absolutely amazing in the movie. She brought Tessa to life. She had me laughing one minute and then crying the next which was how I felt while reading Before I Die.

Jeremy Irvines. Oh my goodness. He is perfect in this movie. I am totally crushing on Jeremy Irvines big time. He and Dakota had amazing chemistry and for this only being his second movie he was amazing. I have a feeling there will be much more of Jeremy Irvines in the future. I am a-okay with this. Look at him. He's gorgeous. And British. Did I mention gorgeous?


Okay I swear I didn't start this post just to drool over Jeremy Irvines. Okay...maybe just a little bit but seriously he isn't the only reason why I loved this movie. He just made it ten times more awesome than it already was. What I loved aside from the hunk above was how beautifully they capture the book.

Every single scene brought out different emotions.  From Tessa's younger brother and that last thing he says to her making me sob just like the book. *sniffle* To laughing out loud at the things Tessa said or did. To being in awe over the beautiful scenery of the UK.

The next moment I would be balling my eyes out..again. I'd be laughing again in no time though which is why I loved this movie. And even though it has been quite awhile since I read the book I can still remember every emotion it brought in me and this movie? This movie did exactly the same thing. I know I'm sort of rambling now...but sometimes you just gotta ramble to clear your head of something you really loved in order to move onto something else to love just as much. I seriously think if I didn't make this post I wouldn't be able to pick up a book because all I would be thinking about was Now Is Good.

I'd definitely recommend watching this movie if you loved the book and even if you haven't read the book watch this movie. It's just so so good.

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