Dec 1, 2012

Guest Post: Perfect Cast

Today I have a guest post with S.J Pierce to share with you all! She will be sharing who would be her perfect cast for her characters in Marked For Vengeance! She is also giving away a e-book copy of her book. 

Perfect Casting for Marked for Vengeance

It’s funny that picking out the “perfect cast” for my novel appealed to me so much, only because when I write, I don’t think of one certain person -- famous or not -- that I’ve seen or known. Their physical attributes are something that’s conjured completely in the deepest corners of my mind. But perhaps I ultimately decided to because I’m also a huge movie buff. What writer WOULDN’T want their book to play out on the big screen? And so, without further ado… meet my dream cast below.


When searching for my “cast”, I looked for someone who embodied the descriptives that I used for each character throughout the book. For Alyx, she has porcelain skin, raven hair, and round lips. So when I came across a photo of Julia Voth, I thought, “Wow! She would be a spectacular Alyx”. Except, she would need to wear brown contacts, but that’s easily fixable. (For example, Kristen Stewart as Bella)

I also like how she emits a sense of purity, but you also feel that something else might lurk inside, something that tells you there is more to this girl that what you see. She’s mysterious. Enigmatic. That’s the essence of Alyx.



What can I say? Tom Welling has been a not-so-secret crush of mine for years. As soon as he came onto the scene with “Smallville”, he captivated me. So it only seemed natural that my imagination conjured a similar forbidden-love interest for Alyx. His hair in this picture fits Issac’s to the “T”, he’s in his thirties but looks to be in his twenties, he has light eyes and soft facial features. He embodies everything Isaac. Just slap an Irish accent on him and cover his right arm in tattoos, and he’d be perfect for the role!


Isaac’s thirteen-year-old son. I describe him in the book as a shorter clone of Isaac, so you could just refer to the picture above and shave off about twenty years physically and mentally. Or maybe this photo of Chandler Riggs from “The Walking Dead” will do.


Cindra, oh, Cindra… how much fun you were to write! We’ve all had that quirky friend that you wouldn’t trade for the world, and I wouldn’t trade this character for a million others. She’s clumsy, funny, and a little na├»ve… but always means well and is perfect as Alyx’s BFF.

The actress I chose to play her is Aly Michalka. Yes, her hair is similar in color and texture, but the real reason I selected her was because I saw her in the movie “Easy A” with Emma Stone, and I fell in love with her saucy personality. In my opinion, she could be the only one to play Cindra.


Dr. Benjamin Forbes. He’s Alyx’s boyfriend of a year and adores her probably more than she deserves. He’s every girl’s dream guy… successful, handsome, and doting. I saw an episode the other day of “The Mentalist”, and just knew that Simon Baker would be fantastic for this hypothetical role with his blonde, side swept hair and meticulously groomed eyebrows. Oh yeah, and that smile…

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to enter the international giveaway for an e-copy of Marked For Vengeance that the author is so generously giving away just comment on this post and I will randomly chose a winner on December 7th! Good luck everyone! :)

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