Dec 5, 2012

Chosen Giveaway

Today I have Barabra Brink on the blog again today with a promo post and a giveaway! She is willing to giveaway an e-copy of Chosen in an international giveaway and if the winner ends up being from the US they have the chose of either a paperback copy or a e-copy of the book. All you have to do to enter is fill out the raffelcopter at the end of this post. Good luck everyone!

With tongue firmly in cheek and genuine Amish-made stakes at hand, Jael the vampire slayer is ready to kick some serious bloodsucker butt. Seriously.
Move over Buffy – there’s a new slayer in town! Raised in the desert of Nevada, and destined for the Minnesota Loon Lake Amish Community, Jael Shetler is the Chosen One.
Trained by her uncle and father in twenty-one different forms of hand-to-hand combat – she also throws a knife with the speed of a bullet, and is accurate to within two centimeters of a cold, dead heart with her crossbow – she is a bloodsucker’s worst nightmare.
Her parents, forced to leave their plain and simple upbringing to escape the clutches of the new Bishop – an ancient and powerful vampire with plans to use the Amish Community as his own personal Jamba Juice – raise and train their daughter to continue the fight begun thousands of years earlier by another Jael, and to fulfill the prophecy in the Book of the Shunned.
Soon Jael is turning sweet sixteen and then … all hell will break loose.

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In Shunned, Jael leaves Nevada and her close friends, Brianna and Shadow, behind. She travels to the Loon Lake Amish community in Minnesota where she moves in with grandparents she’s never met and learns to live the plain and simple life... at least as plain and simple as she can handle. She may learn to milk a goat, but she is definitely NOT giving up her cell phone or crossbow!
While finishing out the school year at Loon Lake Public High School, she meets the guy of her dreams…someone to keep her company when she goes out staking vampires at night.
Her true purpose is to destroy the Bishop, the oldest and most powerful vampire of all. But first she must find out just what his diabolical plans are for the teenagers of the community, and put a stop to him and his undead followers before it’s too late.

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Barbara Ellen Brink is a multi-published author of mystery and suspense. She lives with her husband and their two mutts in the great state of Minnesota where mosquitoes are the only bloodsuckers she’s actually ever seen. This is Barbara’s first foray into the world of Amish and Vampires – both of which scare her – but it isn’t the last. The 2nd book in The Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy – SHUNNED – is now available. The 3rd book – RECKONING – will be available for Thanksgiving! You can find Barbara at her website, on twitter @BarabraEBrink, and facebook.

Chosen is available now in kindle and paperback until Dec 31st and then will be available in all ebook formats as well. So now's your chance to snag a physical copy of the book! You can purchase both Chosen at
Createspace and Amazon. You can purchase Shunned at Createspace, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel.

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