Nov 22, 2012

Cutest Cat Contest

Vegetarian Times has this Cutest Cat Contest going on and the voting just started yesterday. Lucky is in the contest and I have a favor to ask all you wonderful blogger peeps. If you could vote for Novel Nerds Mascot it would be greatly appreciated. You can vote five times a day per computer and phone. You can vote for Chubbers here.

There are sooo many cute cats in this contest. Like seriously it's an overload of cute. It's insane. I want to snuggle all these cats. If Lucky makes it to the finals I'm going to do a little something something on here. And if he wins I'll do even more a something somethings. And Lucky will be all...

I've gotta start thinking of some giveaway ideas. Obviously you all get virtual Sheldon hugs if he wins and even if he doesn't because you all are the bomb.

I'm so obsessed with this show and Sheldon's boat load of quirks. If you haven't watched this show or have no idea who Sheldon is go watch The Big Bang Theory. Go. Now. After you vote for Chubbers of course. ;)