Oct 23, 2012

Interview with Rachel McClellan

Today I have Rachel McClellan author of Fractured Light and her upcoming release in February Fractured Soul on the blog today. I love these books and I was so thrilled when she agreed to do an interview with me. And guess what guys? She also offered up a e-copy of Fractured Light and a hard copy to giveaway today. More about that after the interview with Rachel. First before I get into the interview I gotta just say I really love this author's work and already can't wait for the third book in the series Fractured Truth.

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Novel Nerd: When did you know that you had to write Llona's story?

Rachel: As soon as I finished the prologue, which was only meant to be a writing assignment. Llona's voice was so strong, I knew I had to keep telling her story.

Novel Nerd: Did you always plan to write more books after Fractured Light?


Rachel: Not in the beginning, but as soon as Lucent Academy was created, I knew I'd have to have a story about Llona's adventures there. 

Novel Nerd: Liam is a really interesting character that I really loved! When did you first know he would become involved in the series?

Rachel: Ah, Liam. I must admit I fell in love with him the moment I began writing about him. I think it's the whole tortured soul thing, and the fact that every day he has to battle this inner darkness and every day he wins.


Novel Nerd: Is there anything you can tell us about Fractured Truth?


Rachel: I don't want to spoil anything too huge, but readers will be shocked...even more so then at the end of Fractured Soul. What I can tell you is May will finally have to face her demons, Llona will have to become stronger than ever for what she has to do, but most importantly, I will say that fans of Fractured Light and Fractured Soul will not be disappointed with the revelations in Fractured Truth.

Novel Nerd: Out of your books covers do you have a favorite?


Rachel: They are both beautiful, but I like Fractured Soul's a little better. I think its because of the clock tower in the background. Oh, and I like her outfit better. :) 

Novel Nerd: Do you have an idea of when Fractured Truth's cover will be revealed or is it to soon to say?


Rachel: Too soon to say, but it should be summer or fall of next year.

Novel Nerd: That ending....did you always know it was gonna end like that? It was quite heartbreaking if I do say so myself.


Rachel: I did know, because it sets the story up for book three. I felt bad doing it, but it was necessary for Llona's growth. There's nothing harder then watching your main character suffer, but they're made stronger because of it. Just like in real life we need challenges to become better, stronger people.


Novel Nerd: In one word can you describe Fractured Truth?


Rachel: Shocking 

Novel Nerd: Will there be another book after Fractured Truth or is that it for Llona and her story?

Rachel: As of now, it will be the end. Llona's voice has grown quiet, while others are screaming. I must take care of them now. 

Novel Nerd: Thanks so much for stopping by today Rachel! Loved having you here today. I am dying for Fractured Truth. I can only imagine this book is going to be shocking after everything that happened in Fractured Soul.

I was born and raised in Idaho, a place secretly known for its supernatural creatures. When I'm not in my writing lair, I'm partying with my husband and four small children. My love for storytelling began as a child when the moon first possessed the night. For when the lights went out, my imagination painted a whole new world. And what a scary world it was… I currently live in Rhode island where the cemeteries are as cool as the forests.

Where you can find Rachel: Website, Rachel's Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon Author Page, Rachel's Blog.

Have you guys read the first book yet? No? Well you're in luck! Rachel was kind enough to offer to giveaway the first book in her series. The ecopy of Fractured Light is open international. The hard copy of Fractured Light is only open to US. All you gotta do is fill out the raffelcopter below and you are all set! The giveaway will run until November 1st! Good luck everyone! Hope you all enjoyed this interview.

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  1. Love how she knew the ending would be harsh but necessary:)

    Awesome interview:)

  2. I remember you reading Fractured Light a little while back and loving it. At some point I definitely want to give this series a chance. Your enthusiasm has definitely made me eager to try it out. I also love book two's cover a sliver more than book one's.