Oct 21, 2012

Book Haul

This week is a small Book Haul post. I won some swag in two different giveaways and even though I didn't get any books this week I am so happy with the bookmarks. It's for books that I absolutely adore and of course I get really excited when I have bookmarks to match my books!


  • The Body Finder bookmark (signed)
  • Desires of The Dead bookmark (signed)
  • The Last Eco bookmark (signed) 
  • The Pledge bookmark (signed)
  • The Body Finder sticker
  • Desires of the Dead sticker
  • The Last Echo sticker
  • The Pledge sticker
Big thank you to Mandee @ Compelled By Words who held this awesome giveaway! I was so excited when I learned I won these. I love, love, love The Body Finder series. And of course I can't wait to finally read The Pledge. Kimberly Derting is such an awesome author!

  • My Favorite Mistake bookmark (signed)
When I found out I won this bookmark from Chelsea Cameron the author of My Favorite Mistake I grinned like a fool. I can't tell you how much I adore this book. Like I adore it soooo much! And I was even more excited when I saw that she signed it. This book is so good guys. If you haven't read it please do. You will love it.

So that is it this week! What goodies did you get in your mailbox? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Seriously girl! You are like the queen of book haul. Haha.