Sep 19, 2012

Smart Chicks Kick It

Yesterday I got to meet some really fabulous authors. Some of which I have been dying to meet ever since I fell in love with the stories they created. I've been so excited for this event ever since I found out they were coming near my area. And it was a total blast. The Smart Chicks Kick It are HILARIOUS. I'm so glad I got to meet these wonderful authors. And whats even better is meeting them seeing how nice and funny they. Rachel Caine and Kelley Armstrong are two of my idols. And both of them were so awesome! I didn't really get to talk to Kelley Armstrong but I did get to talk to Rachel Caine who signed every single one of my books. I felt so bad--her hand must have been killing her! She was the best, I think I'm an even bigger fan of her. She's so nice!

Okay, I'm going to stop gushing and share some pictures from the event. 

Kami Garcia, Kelley Armstrong, and Melissa Marr! I didn't get to talk to these three really but the whole time they were talking on the mic every single one of them was funny and so nice. It was like a big deal to get to meet Kelley. I'm a huge fan of her YA series. She created Derek & Chloe who are one of my favorite YA characters! :)

Rachel Caine and Melissa de Le Cruz! We're all kind of blinking in this picture but its the only one I have of us three. And blinking or not that is Rachel Caine and Melissa de Le Cruz! They both are fabulous. And Melissa's necklace? I don't think anyone could pull that off. But she totally did! It was such a pretty necklace! You can't really tell the color of Rachel's glasses in this picture but they were so cute! I loved them! Which I was so nervous I forgot to tell her that. :D

Might I just say though that this was an improvement from my last author signing. I meet Richelle Mead and didn't utter a word. I was so nervous and in awe my brain just blanked and I was like what can I say and not sound like a dummy? But I actually talked at this one. So yeah! I probably rambled a lot and sounded like a dummy but now I can actually say I talked to Rachel Caine and Melissa de Le Cruz.

And this is the picture of us not blinking with my littler sister. She loved the event. I hope that means she's a bookworm in the making haha! You can see Rachel's glasses better in this picture and Melissa's necklace.

Sarah Rees Brennan was so so funny! And so so nice! I haven't read Unspoken yet, but already I'm a fan of her! She was just so awesome! And obviously you can tell because I'm grinning like an idiot in this picture. All I have to say is if she is ever doing a signing near you go. You will have a blast.

Sky had to have a picture with Sarah. It turned out really cute! And thanks to Rosemary Clementine Moore for emailing it to me. Of course my camera decided to die on me but she was kind enough to take a picture with her phone and send it to me. She is the only one I didn't get a picture with! Which I'm a bit bummed about but hopefully she will be back here sometime for another signing. She was so nice as well. Pretty much they all were nice and funny. The signing was such a blast.

Sky getting the book she won signed last night! She had no idea how cool this all was. She will in ten years. :D

We were under tornado watch and had really bad weather when this signing took place so not a lot of people showed up. I was expecting the place to be PACKED. But it wasn't to crowed. There were plenty of people but not so many that the authors could only sign three books at a time....which was awesome since I got all these signed.

Unspoken with it's jacket still on is not my book. I got it signed for a blogger friend who sent it to me to get signed for her. I'm sure she is going to be thrilled when it gets to her. :)

Some pretty exciting things happened. They were doing a round of which author did this or something like that and me, my mom and littler sister answered right three times. My littler sister just randomly pointed at an author and ended up being right! It was so funny! She also put her hand up to ask questions and when she got called on she just said "Pink!" in to the mic. They proceeded to say how they felt about the color. LOL! So these are the books I won.

An ARC of Bitter Blood. Guys I can't even begin to say how excited I was when I got that book. Big thanks to my mom! Beautiful Chaos I won and its the UK cover which is cool! And then my littler sister won Brimstone and we got it signed to both of us. And she wanted all the authors to sign her book so they all signed it. I of course will be reading it before her. She has to wait ten years LOL!

That pretty much covers it! Here are some pictures of all the authors that I was able to get before my camera failed me.


So many laughs at this event! I know my face hurt from smiling so much and laughing. Yep, so if any of these authors are ever in your area go see them because they are all wonderful and have written fantastic books! 


  1. Okay so this is me, right now, being super incredibly jealous!!! HAHA. We pretty much get no author signings or any other type of events in my area (Western MA or MA in general. Morganville Vamps, Caster Chronicles & Darkest Powers are a few of my all times favorite series! Enjoy your new treasures :P

    1. Have you heard about the Boston Teen Author Book Festival (October 28, 2012) at Emerson College? And the Boston Book Festival is the day before that :)

  2. Ok so...RANDOM..but was this at the Barnes & Noble in Oxford Valley/Langhorne?? I was supposed to go to it if that's where it is but wasn't able to! Let me know though! We are always looking for other local book bloggers here in the Philly area!! :)

  3. That's so Awesome that you got to meet all those awesome authors and got all those books signed! I love Kelley Armstrong :)