Sep 28, 2012

Guest Post With Chelsea C. Cameron

Today I have the wonderful Chelsea C. Cameron on the blog. Her latest book My Favorite Mistake comes out tomorrow and today she is sharing her perfect cast for her characters as well as a song that fits them perfectly! Personally I love everything she picked! It's all perfect. Makes me want to stop everything and reread the book. :) 

My Perfect Cast

When I write my books, I always have to picture them in my head like movies. More often than not, I just sit back and watch as the characters take me on a ride. One of the most important parts is being able to picture my main characters and what they look like, how they move, what they'd wear. I've gotten addicted to picking out clothes for them on Pinterest, and looking for actors on IMDb. And so, here is my perfect cast of My Favorite Mistake, along with what song I think fits them best...


Crew cut, tattoos, sexy smirk. That's how I picture Hunter. I don't have one perfect guy, but if Adam Levine and Tim Tebow in this picture could somehow have a baby, that would be my Hunter. I've loved the song Bad Things by Jace Everett (it's the theme song to Trueblood), and I heard it the other day and all I could think of was Hunter. 


She's cute and small, with brown hair. I picture her as the all-American girl. I spent a lot of time searching for a good Taylor, and then I remembered Sarah Ramos from Parenthood. She's cute, and a little too pretty for Taylor, but she's as close as I can get. Taylor looks sweet on the outside, but she's not. She's one of the angriest characters I've ever written. She's also got a short fuse. I always think of Miranda Lambert when I think of Taylor. Kerosene would be her song.


Hunter's cousin. Also a bit of bad boy about him, but with a little bit less of an edge. He's shorter and stockier than Hunter, and I always picture him wearing a baseball cap and ragged-on-the-bottom jeans. He's chill and casual. Nothing ever really upsets him. I had a hard time finding a good Mase, but I think Ryan Lochte (the swimmer) is close. Mase wouldn't be in as good shape, and he wouldn't be as tall, but Ryan has the right face (and what a face it is!). Mase loves to dance, and whenever I hear an Usher song, I think of him. 


One of Taylor and Hunter's roommates. She looks like a doll with wide blue eyes, but once she opens her mouth, you see that she's anything but. The actress who would definitely play her would be Amanda Seyfried. She looks EXACTLY how I picture Renee. Renee is a spitfire, but she's the kind of person you'd want having your back. She's fierce when it comes to her friends. She recently went though a break-up, so the perfect song for her would be So What by Pink.


Taylor and Hunter's other roommate. She's more quiet than Renee, and she's a bit of a control freak, and she's a really good listener. She's tall, and has black hair with bangs that almost fall into her eyes. Carly Rae Jepsen looks just like how I picture her. Darah is all about control and order, but she's a huge Queen fan (go figure). Somebody To Love fits her well.

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  1. This book sounds really good. I'm glad that you loved it. Fabulous review and love the dream cast!!