Aug 24, 2012

Song Of The Week

This week the song I'm crazy about I heard in a movie called Apart and really loved it. Well actually I first heard it in the movies trailer and then it ended up being in movie to. But either way I love the song. The movie was really good to. I don't think I understood exactly what happened but it still was really good.

Holy Ropes by Photocomort:

I've been listening to this song on a constant loop the past few days. I just love it! I need to listen to some of her other songs to, but at the moment right now I'm obsessed with this one. And just because I enjoyed the movie so much here's the trailer. Good luck not watching it after seeing its trailer. It's a bit of a confusing movie, but still really good.

Got a song you can't stop listening to? Let me know the name of the song in the comments! :)

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