Aug 28, 2012

Guest Post with Stephanie Parent

Today I have the wonderful Stephanie Parent on the blog today with a guest post! Her book Defy The Stars is a beautifully written inverse book that I reviewed yesterday. You can find a copy of this book on I definitely recommend you read this book!

My Dream Cast for Defy the Stars

When Bailey asked me about my dream cast for my novel Defy the Stars, I was super-excited but also a little nervous…I don’t watch too much TV or movies anymore, so most of the actors I automatically think of are the ones I loved when I was a teenager—i.e., the ones in their 30s and 40s now!  So Bailey suggested that for my two main characters, I do an “old” and “new”—an actor I would have envisioned when I was a teenager, who would of course be too old now, and one who’s the right age now.  For the smaller parts, I just picked a younger actor, and I have to thank my sister Gillian for helping me out with suggestions!

So, here we go…


Julia, my protagonist, is a sensitive, artistic girl with a kind of quiet, unusual beauty.  I have to admit that while writing the book, I often thought of Claire Danes in both Romeo and Juliet and, especially, My So-Called Life.  Here are two great pictures of Claire looking thoughtful, a little angsty, and quietly gorgeous:

Romeo and Juliet Claire Danes

 My So Called Life Claire Danes
As for a younger actress, I’d definitely have to go with Emma Watson.  She’s incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and unique, and she has her own unusual beauty.  Here’s a great picture:


Reed is the classic bad-boy who tries to pretend like he doesn’t care about anything…when really, he cares too much.  To me, Reed is a lot like Ethan Hawke’s character in the 90s movie Reality Bites.  Here’s Ethan singing his heart out to Winona Ryder:

As for a current actor to play Reed, I’ve loved Jeremy Sumpter ever since he played Peter Pan, and I especially like him with darker hair.  He has stunning blue eyes that seem to change color, just like Reed’s.  Here are those intense blue eyes:

…and here they look lighter, kind of cloudy:


For preppy, good-looking but jerky Perry, here’s Drew Van Acker in Pretty Little Liars:


Even though Marc doesn’t have a huge role in the book, he’s one of my absolute favorite characters.  I purposely didn’t describe Marc’s physical appearance too much because it isn’t important to the plot, and I wanted readers to come up with their own image of him.  However, I have to say I always pictured Marc with crazy-cool hair and a laidback vibe like Corbin Bleu:

Julia’s friend Sara is the polished, super-social, upbeat blonde, like Dianna Agron in Glee:

Sara’s not a cheerleader, but I could definitely see her as one!

So that’s it…do you think I made the right choices?  Which actors would YOU have picked?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for stopping by today Stephanie! Love all the actors and actress you picked out! Hope you guys enjoyed this guest post with Stephanie. 

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