Jul 20, 2012

Song Of The Week

I'm back with another Song Of The Week. It's going up a bit later than normal, but at least it is going up! I watched this movie called Nowhere Boy a few weeks ago and its all about John Lennon and ever since then I've kind of been listening to some of The Beatles. I've never been much into their music until now. So this one has been stuck in my head for quite a few days. It's just so catchy.

All You Need Is Love by The Beatles:

As well as...

Blackbird by The Beatles:

And probably my favorite...

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles:

So this week I'm sharing three songs instead of one, but it's because all of these have been stuck in my head. I don't really particularly like All You Need Is Love but I find myself humming it a lot to myself. I guess its growing on me. :D Hope you enjoyed the songs. I'm a little late jumping on The Beatles bandwagon...but oh well. I sorta like some of their music now. I never really cared much for them. So yeah those are the songs stuck in my head this week! What song is stuck in your head whether you like it or not?

1 comment:

  1. I love the Beatles! I definitely like the three songs you posted but I think my favorites are I want to hold your hand & So happy together.