Jul 16, 2012

I'm Back

Hey guys! Quick update for all of you. I've been with out internet since the 12th of July and am finally back online. Aside from the two posts I scheduled there has been nothing up on here and it's going to take me a bit to get back into the swing of things. It shouldn't be to hard, but things might be a bit slow until I can get back into my normal blogging routine.

I haven't gotten much reading done since I've been gone house sitting. What was I doing that could take up all my time as I house sat? Well I was busy taking care of awesome horses and cats and dogs and some other fun stuff.  There wasn't much time for me to read. And to be totally honest I didn't want to read. I'm kind of in a reading funk at the moment. I hate it when I get like this and usually its because I've read such a good book. I promise though that things will get back to normal. I just need to get back into my normal routine of things first.

Sorry about my silence. But I'm Back now. :)

1 comment:

  1. Glad to have you back! :) I was wondering where you skipped off to :P