Jun 4, 2012


Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins was one of those books that I just happened to stumble upon on Netgalley and knew once I read that it was about an Amish boy falling in love with an English girl that I had to read it. This book was truly fascinating and intoxicating at times.

Summary from Goodreads:

Your heart misleads you.  That's what my friends and family say.  But I love Noah. And he loves me.  We met and fell in love in the sleepy farming community of Meadow View, while we rode our horses together through the grassy fields and in those moments in each others arms. It should be  ROSE & NOAH forever, easy. But it won't be. Because he's Amish. And I'm not.

Rose has just moved from Cincinnati to a old farm house in Ohio that is falling apart. Rose isn't to thrilled about this move or her new house. She's not thrilled about anything anymore, not after the death of her mother. Then she meets Noah and instantly her world brightens and soon the two are falling for each other. The catch is Noah is Amish and the closer the two get the more complicated things become. Is their love strong enough to survive all the people who are agaisnt them getting together?

Temptation goes from Rose's point of view to Noah's. The first point of view we get is Rose's after a very interesting Prologue that makes you think there's only one way this can end and that is tragic. I can't say that I instantly liked Rose because I didn't. I didn't dislike her though either. She's a great character it just wasn't one of those stories where I instantly knew I liked her.  She was a very outspoken and free willed character who after a few chapters I did like. But her constant mood swings did irk me a bit. I understood her frustrations about everything and would probably feel the same intense emotions that she was, but I felt that she just got to hot headed sometimes. She was a great character though don't get me wrong. There were just a few things about her that bugged me the tiniest bit. I loved that she loved horses since I myself love horses so her love for riding was easy to relate to. And the fact that she was a dancer was cool too since I love ballet.

I really loved how she didn't get pushed around by her two brothers, she tackled them when they bickered which I loved reading. Her interactions with her brothers are great. Sam is the older brother who gets on her nerves the worst and I could totally see why but then Sam would do or say something and you'd see that though he can be selfish he does love her and only wants to look out for her. Justin is the youngest brother, he is so sweet. He's a kid of few words and is always playing some sort of video game but I really loved him. You'll totally understand why once you read Temptation. Though he can be a pain in the butt like any sibling there a quite a few moments when he's just so sweet to Rose.

Noah was a really interesting character. I was instantly intrigued by him and eagerly wanted to know more about him. The more I got to know this character I liked him, but I didn't really like how possessive he was of Rose. Granted he is raised in a different way than Rose and everything but at times I got annoyed by his need to have control over Rose and her actions. I understand though why in some of the situations why he felt he needed to be possessive. And it's all because he loves her so much. Rose is not one those characters who likes to be controlled though so that was always interesting to watch play out. Funny at times to. His use of the word "sweetheart" in the book also bugged me. It had nothing to with him and just the fact that I hate when guys call girls that. Aside from the need to control her and the usages of the word sweetheart Noah was a really great and interesting character to read about. At times he really makes your heart race and wish you were Rose. He's sweet and so tender and very, very protective. He's got a kind of love for Rose that a lot of girls want from a guy. He really knows how to make a girls heart race. 

The attraction between Noah and Rose is instant. The two are both consumed by each other. Noah's a really handsome guy living a simple life as an Amish young man. Soon he'll have to choose a Amish girl to be his wife and he's not to thrilled about it. He becomes even more agaisnt it when he meets Rose. If love at first sight were to be true these two characters defiantly had that. Noah, like Rose, often gets frustrated as their secret relationship develops. He knows that this can't go anywhere-as does Rose but the two just can't stop. It physically hurts them to be apart and soon they need to make a choice. One of them needs to become Amish or one of them needs to leave their Amish ways. Honestly the whole time I was reading this book I kept cringing because I knew this sweet romance was going to end badly. It was going to be a romance that ended sadly-I could just tell.

I've always had a fascination with the Amish for some reason. The way they live has always been interesting to me and getting to read about it was really cool. It was fun to see how Rose and her family reacted to the Amish ways and how Noah reacted to Rose and her English ways. I learned a lot of things about the Amish I had no clue about and it made reading this book all the more fun. Once I started this book I couldn't stop. I would have finished it in one day if not for the fact that I could not stay awake any longer to read it. I got so caught up in Noah and Rose's romance that I had to know what would happen. I couldn't stop for one minute-until of course I got so tired I had to wait to finish it. Their romance is very intoxicating and is very, very bittersweet and tender. 

Karen Ann Hopkins created this really great story that instantly held me captive. You fall in love with her characters and you can't help but root for Noah and Rose's forbidden romance even though you know it can't end good. I won't say if this story has a happy or sad ending, but I will say that I cried at some point in this book along with Rose. My heart totally stopped when that certain event took place and my mind just kept telling me "I told you so! I told you so!" like an annoying little sibling. There is a possible chance though that I got to laugh and smile wide and shove that annoying voice away triumphantly, but you know I could totally just be toying with you and letting you think that it's a happy ending when really it all is tears and sobbing. Suppose you'll have to read the book to find out huh? Trust me when I say you want to read this book!

Temptation is a book full of so many emotions and intoxicating feelings from two characters who love each other but can't have each other. It's a book that kept me entertained from the start to finish. It's a book that is pretty impossible to stop reading. I loved everything about it and can't wait for the next installment! I'm giving Temptation 4.5 out of 5 stars. Read this one for sure! Noah and Rose's love story is one not to miss!

~~Thank you Netgalley for providing me with this book before its official publication date!~~


  1. Beautiful review! It sounds like Noah and Rose's relationship bring "forbidden love" to a new and even more intense level. Although this book sounds really cute and chock full of emotion I'm not sure if or when I'd read it. It's not really my type of book. However it still sounds like a really great story. :)

    1. Thank you Lauren! Yes, they totally bring it to a new level. Aw, well hopefully when you do read it-whenever that may be that you love it as much as I did! Thanks for stopping by! :)