Jun 15, 2012

Song Of The Week

I'm back with Song Of The Week again this week! Woo! I've discovered quite a few new bands I like recently. In case your not familiar with my blog yet, Song Of The Week is something I do every Friday sharing new music I've found and can't stop listening to. This week it's a song by a Canadian group called Dala.

Lennon & McCartney:

I could only find a live version of the song on Youtube and they sound awesome! It's always cool to find out a singer you like sounds as good live as they do recorded. I like quite a few of their songs so expect to see some more of them featured here! Do you have a song you can't stop listening to? Let me know in the comments! :)


  1. Ohh, I like this song. I've never heard of Dala before. They've got great voices! I like this song too, it's very upbeat and cheery.

    I just saw Snow White & the Huntsmen about a week ago and since then I've been constantly listening to a song that Florence & the Machine contributed to the film "Breathe of Life"

    1. I hadn't either. It was just one of those random bands I stumbled across on Itunes, but I'm glad I did! I loved them! Florence & The Machine! I love all her music its so good. And yeah, I've been listening to that one to. It's hard not to listen to it! :D I saw that movie recently to and thought it was awesome!