Jun 8, 2012

Song Of The Week

It's been a few weeks since I've done a Song Of The Week post. I wasn't really listening to any new music because of being to busy with school and stuff, but now that school is done I am back to finding music. Summer is finally here! So you can expect to see Song Of The Week every Friday! So the song I can't stop listening to I discovered because of a Bing commercial. Maybe you've heard the song, or maybe you haven't but I can't stop listening to it!

Ho Hey by The Lumineers:

I love it when I find new bands that I like and these guys I really like. Check them out on Itunes they have some great songs. I really like this one and Stubborn Love.


  1. I like it! I feel like I've heard this song SOMEWHERE but I don't recognize the song name or band. However, the chorus does strike a cord of familiarity.

    1. LOL most likely you heard in that Bing Commercial about the dude going to Hawaii. Its how I found it anyways. :) Thanks for stopping by Lauren!