Jun 14, 2012


Flicker was a book I'd never stumbled upon until Kaye Thornbrugh, the author, contacted me asking if I'd be willing to review her book. I totally jumped on the chance and said yes! It sounded like an interesting story and the cover instantly pulled me in.

Summary from Goodreads:

When sixteen-year-old Lee Capren is spirited away to Faerie, she is forced to serve capricious faeries as a prized portrait artist… and live as their prisoner.

A chance encounter with the charming Nasser grants Lee a chance for freedom—but what felt like mere days in Faerie spanned years in the human world, and Lee no longer has a home to return to.

Nasser is a Seer—a human with magical powers—and Lee is quickly plunged into his world: a sprawling city teeming with magic and mystery, where supernatural creatures walk hidden among humans. With the help of a rag-tag group of teenage Seers, Lee must master her newfound magical talent and outwit a cunning faerie determined to destroy her.

Lee Capren is just a normal nerdy sixteen year old girl who likes comic books and often gets lost in her head when she draws. She's totally normal with her red hair bright green eyes and freckles... or so she thought. Little did she know that all around her there were things that were there, but she couldn't see them. Little did she know that she had magic inside of her. Lee is suddenly thrust into a world full of magic and fairies and soon she's got a faerie out looking for her. A faerie who from the start doesn't like Lee one bit and she'll do anything it takes to get Lee where she wants her.

Lee was a character I instantly connected with. She was a character who was easy to like and the more you got to know her and the more she grew the more you connected and liked her. We first meet Lee and she's on a swing and she's seeing some creatures out of the corner of her. But before she can really look at them, their gone. Lee is a really well developed character, as are all of the characters in this book. She starts off a bit scared as she adjusts to this new life, but she grows into this really strong character.

Instantly you know that this is a book that is going to take off in the action immediately. This book doesn't waste time it dives right into the crazy world Lee didn't know even existed. Though it does take right off, it isn't one of those books you think took off a bit to early. It starts and finishes and you don't feel like you missed out on anything important and I really liked that about this one. You could get immediately thrust into the world full of Seer's and faerie and there wasn't a second of confusion. Kaye Thornbrugh describes everything so clearly and vividly that each creature was unique and easily created in my head.

Flicker is told from a lot of different point of views. This surprised me. I don't know why I'm always surprised when books are told from different points of views. I suppose its because I'm just expecting one point of view. But I really liked that this one was split up in the different points of views. It allowed you to see some characters in a better light than you might have without them having their own point of view. My favorite's would have to be Filo's and Lee's. Those were my two favorite characters and I liked it best when it was told from their point's of view on things.

Filo Shine. The moment he graced the page I liked him. I honestly can't begin to tell you why I liked him because he was this moody guy who never cracked a smile. But I liked him. And the more there was of Filo Shine the more I liked him. And the fact I liked Filo so much is probably why I didn't connect to much with Nasser. Don't get me wrong though I did like Nasser, I really did. He's got all the qualities you want in a love interest, but the moment I fell for Filo Nasser just didn't stand a chance. I will also admit I was secretly hoping Filo and Lee would end up together. I just didn't feel the chemistry between Lee and Nasser like I did with Filo and Lee. Let me just say there is a very high chance that I was not feeling the chemistry between these two because of the fact the whole time reading in the back of my mind I was rooting for Filo and Lee. I don't foresee anything actually happening between these two but I couldn't help while reading hoping something would.

There were so many amazing characters in this book worth mentioning in this review. Like Jason, Nasser's younger brother, I really liked him. I felt he was misunderstood a lot by Nasser. Jason acted out for a reason Nasser just couldn't see. Alice, she was a really interesting character. I liked the fact that she was a female character who could handle herself and for being so small was tough. Morgan and Neman. I hated Morgan, there was nothing about her to like. She was just...cruel. Neman on the other hand as much as I wanted to dislike her...I just couldn't. Yes she's been cruel herself, but I felt like she had some nice and redeeming qualities in her. Granted she didn't do anything when Morgan had a rage..but I still I just couldn't dislike her. And that scene at the end! Kaye Thornbrugh made it so hard to hate Neman even though she probably deserved to be disliked. There are so many fantastic characters in this book that this review would be a mile long with all the good things I could say about them.

This book ended great. I wasn't expecting that big thing that happened at the end, but I loved it and Lee got to show that even though she hasn't been around magic long she can handle it. She's strong. It all ended so perfectly that I can't wait to see what is in store for Lee and her friends in the next one! 

I haven't read to many books containing fey in them, but I felt like this book had a nice unique touch to it. Everything about the creatures and the way the world worked was so well thought and described it made it so easy to fall into the story. I'm looking forward to reading more books by Kaye Thornbrugh. Flicker is getting 4.5 out of 5 stars from me. Flicker was a captivating read with fantastic characters and a well developed world. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good read or books containing faerie.


  1. Awesome review! Flicker sounds like a really fun book - chock full of great characters. Lee especially sounds like a great heroine, very strong and brave.

    1. Thank you Lauren! It was so full of great characters! :D

  2. Holy shiz, Bailey! I didn't even know this book was about faeries or had to do with faeries until I read the blurb and then your review! I love faeries!! And girl, you can definitely write a detailed review. Absolutely amazing! It definitely got me pumped up for this. I haven't even heard of this book before! Lee sounds like someone I could definitely relate to! And when it comes to love interests, if I ever get a chance to read this book, I'll probably end up liking Filo too since I've noticed you and I tend to have the same teams! ;D Excellent excellent excellent review Bailey! I loved everything you said, you described everything with great detail and you convinced me I need to read this book too! <3

    1. Yes, it had all kinds of really cool stuff about faeries. Definitely the best I've ever read. I'm not to much into to faerie books, but Flicker totally had converted me to love it LOL! :) Why thank you! Haha we do tend to like the same guys from books! Thank you and thanks so much for stopping by and reading my review Jessirae! :D