Jun 26, 2012

Cover Reveal

Today The Indigo Spell Bloodlines book number 3 in the series has a cover. I nearly had a heart attack of excitement when I saw that it was revealed today. I have been dying to know what the cover would look like since I finished The Golden Lily and the title was released. Now it has a cover and it is gorgeous and possibly my favorite now. All I can say now is--when is it going to be February so I can read this book!?! Here are the covers from book 1-3.

What do you guys think?!?! I'm in love with it. I love too that they have the same people on the covers--I hate it when models don't match previous books. I'm totally curious who the guy is by Sydney. Ahh! I need this book so bad. Anyone who has read The Golden Lily or even Bloodlines knows why. It's such an awesome series!


  1. OMG. After seeing this cover today and NOT knowing who the guy on the left is I made the decision to get cracking and re-start Bloodlines. I'm like 30 or so pages in. :D

    1. RIGHT? Isn't it awesome? It's making the wait even more tortures than it already is! YAY! I hope you love it! I can't get enough of this series! :D