Jun 2, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

The very awesome and nice Ren over @ Ren's Rambles nominated me with the Beautiful Blogger Award recently! Thank you so much Ren! She totally didn't have to nominate my blog since there are so many other amazing blogs out there.

Once you get nominated for this award there are a few things you have to do such as Write 7 Facts About Yourself, Link up the blog of the person who nominated you, and Link 7 bloggers you think deserve the award & let them know they were nominated.

Seven Facts About Myself:

  1. I'm a horse nut. Totally am in love with being outside and working with horses.
  2. I've never broken any of my bones before. YAY! Hopefully it stays that way.
  3.  I'm a vegetarian. Always wanted to be one since I have such a love for animals and finally a couple months ago did it.
  4. The Lion King is still, and always will be, one of my favorite Disney movie. Ever since I was little I've watched it non stop. I've done the same with Lion King 2 as well. 
  5. I've always been fascinated with Africa for some reason.
  6. I have a bit of a obsession with One Direction. Who doesn't at the moment though? You can try and deny it all you want but even you like one their songs! ;)
  7. Ever since I was little I've always had to buy all the festive stuff for St. Patties Day, even if I have some from last year still. I have a sign over my closet door that says Kiss Me I'm Irish. I just love green and anything with four leaf clovers on it!

Seven Beautiful Bloggers:

  1. Jessirae @ Words, Pages, and Books
  2. Ren @ Ren's Rambles
  3. Mag @ Geek Chic
  4. Andrea @ Cozy Up With A Good Read
  5. Amy @ Book Loving Mom 
  6. Lauren @ Slaying Books
  7. Amanda @ Book Love 101
Those are seven awesome bloggers so make sure you check out their blogs! :) 

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