Jun 13, 2012

Author Interview with Kaye Thornbrugh

Today I am doing an interview with Kaye Thornbrugh author of Flicker! I'm so excited to have her here today on the blog. I recently just finished Flicker and absolutely loved it! You can find my review for Flicker on the blog tomorrow.

If your interested in reading Flicker you can get a copy over at Amazon! You totally should, it was a fantastic book! Without further ado here is my interview with Kaye! She shares some very exciting things about the second book that hasn't been revealed until today!

Me: Hi! Before we jump into the interview could you introduce yourself a little?

Kaye: Ahoy there! My name is Kaye. I'm a 19-year-old journalism major and managing editor of my college newspaper, living in beautiful Idaho. If I could press a button and transport myself into the Pokemon world, I would do it without hesitation. I'm obsessed with Tumblr. Fonts are my passion. I regularly cry over fictional characters and ships. Sometimes I read poetry aloud to myself. Malcolm Reynolds, Son Goku and Harry Potter are my role models. I make a point of always having a great time. 

Me: I am in love with Flicker's cover. It's so intriguing and gorgeous! Did you have any say in how the cover turned out?

Kaye: Thank you! For this cover, I worked with the incredibly talented photographer Andrea Hubner, who was gracious enough to let me use one of her photos. Once the photo was chosen, I actually designed the cover and put it together myself.

Me: Where did the idea for Flicker come from? Did anything specific spark the idea? 

Kaye: The idea for Flicker came from all the stories I'd read about people who went to rescue loved ones from Faerie. Those tales mostly focused on the rescuer--but what about the person being rescued? How did those people cope with life back in the normal world? How were they changed by their experience? What were their lives like? I was also inspired the stories of people who had a brush with the supernatural and went missing for a long time, like Rip van Winkle and Urashima. Once I figured out who my heroine was and how she wound up in Faerie, the res of the story unfolded from there.

Me: Flicker contains a lot of interesting names. Where did you find all these unique names? 

Kaye: I'm a huge name nerd. I spend a lot of time scrolling through baby name sites and reading baby name books at the library. Whenever I hear an interesting name, I file it away and wait for the right character to give it to.

Lee's full first name, for example came from a murder victim on an episode of CSI, though I ultimately spelled the name a little differently than the CSI folks did. I spotted Nasser's name in the end credits of Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest. In the third grade we once spend a day learning about Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of the televison, and I fell in love with the name--though when it came time to name my Filo, years later, I dropped the PH in favor of a more fashionable F.

Names don't always comes easily. They have to feel right and it can take a long time for me to find just the right name--sometimes, a really long time. To give you an idea, I've been grappling with names for a character in an upcoming book (Book Three in the Flicker series, actually) for months.

(Fun fact: I tried a few names for Lee before finally settling. For a while, I called her Harper.)

Me: If you could spend a whole day with either Nasser of Filo who would you pick and why?

Kaye: Way to put me in a tough spot! I adore both of these guys, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Nasser. I love Filo to tears, but we probably wouldn't get along very well, since he's really not very personable! Nasser, on the other hand, would attempt to teach me magic tricks and listen patiently while I prattle on. I think we'd have a great time together!

Me: Can you tell us anything about the sequel to Flicker?

Kaye: I actually haven't spoken publicly about the sequel yet, not even the title. But I think this is a great time to reveal some information! Drum roll please...

Me: *drum roll* *excited dance*

Kaye: Book Two in the Flicker series is titled Brightly. The story picks up the summer after Flicker left off. Lee and the rest of the gang are mostly settled into their normal lives (well, normal for them, anyway) when three mysterious strangers arrive with a bombshell of information that could change all their lives--and a dangerous proposition that Lee and her friends can't refuse.

Me: In one word how would you describe Lee and Filo's relationship?

Kaye: Challenging.

Me: Now for some this and that questions?

Coffee or Tea?

Kaye: Neither! I've never actually drank coffee, and I'm definitely not a tea person. Dr Pepper, please! :D

Me: Summer or Winter?

Kaye: Winter. You know when it's nighttime, and its snowing those really big, really fluffy flakes, the ones that just hurtle out of the darkness? I think that's one of the most beautiful, peaceful sights in the world. I live for sights like that.
Me: Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream?  

Kaye: Chocolate!

Me: Hawaii or Ireland?

Kaye: Ireland. Like basically everyone on the planet, one of my lifelong dreams is to go there. *wistful sigh*

Me: Thanks so much Kaye for stopping by today and answering all these questions!  

Kaye: Thanks for having me! 

Personally I am super excited about Brightly! I love the title and think it goes great with Flicker. Hope you guys enjoyed the interview with Kaye! Definitely read Flicker and get ready for Brightly! Flicker is a great start to a series I can already tell is gonna kick some butt!

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