May 4, 2012

Song Of The Week

Song Of The Week is this thing I do every Friday sharing a song that I have had on constant replay.  Feel free to join in if you'd like! This week I have had a few songs on constant replay so I figured I'd just share all three with you. :D

Give Me Love by Ed Sheeren:

This guy I discovered through One Direction. He wrote some of the songs on their album and I looked up some of his own music and instantly loved it.

The Last Day On Earth by Katie Miller-Heidke

This song was played on one of my favorite shows called Dance Academy and it's just such a beautiful song it's hard not to like it. In case your curious about the show you can only find it on Netflix since its an Australian show. It's made of awesome!

More Than Life by Whitley

This one was also on Dance Academy. Those lyrics are amazing and the guitar sounds beautiful. I really love this song!

Those are the songs that have been on replay! Have any songs you have been listening to constantly? Let me know in the comments? Love to know what your listening too!

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