Apr 20, 2012

Song Of The Week

Song of The Week is a weekly event I do here at my blog basically just sharing a song I have had on constant replay for this week! Feel free to join in and make your own Song Of The Week post! This week I have had quite a few songs on constant replay and I'll be sharing two of them with you today. I usually only share one but there both so awesome I have to share them both!

Same Mistakes by One Direction:

Skinny Love by Birdy

I'm in love with One Direction. They are AMAZING. Same Mistakes has been on constant replay as well as the whole album for about two weeks now. It's just such a great song!! I recently just discovered how much I love Birdy. She has a song on The Hunger Games I really love, but it wasn't until I heard Skinny Love that I really loved her music. Her voice is so incredible. If you look up the live version it sounds so amazing. Both of these songs are sung by people from the UK and I gotta say that the UK has got a lot of people with natural talent. It seems like a lot of there singers sound amazing live and can actually sing. Anyways, do you guys have a song that has been on constant replay?

1 comment:

  1. SAME MISTAKES <33 You would have a One Direction song as a Song of the Week! LOL <3 We are so obsessed, it's awesome. Haha.

    And that second song. Wow. Absolutely beautiful. Haven't heard it because I don't have the Hunger Games OST yet, but thanks for sharing. I'm in totally love <3 :)