Apr 12, 2012

Random Ramblings #8

Hey guys! I decided today I was going to do a Ramdom Ramblings post since I don't do them as often as I used to and also just because I want to talk about something that is totally not book related and figured a Random Ramblings post would be perfect for that!

So. I have this new obsession and their called One Direction. Anytime I hear them I turn into a fangirling dork.

You've probably heard of them or maybe you haven't. If you haven't look them up ASAP and enjoy! I just recently found out about them and it was instant love. My first thought was holy crap these guys can sing and their hot! I'd heard of them the name was just something vaguely I new but I never really knew why everyone loved these guys. I will be honest and say I thought it was just another boy band...I was wrong! This pretty much sums it up for me after listening to their music and finally understanding why all these girls are crazy about them.


I've recently just discovered Gifs to by the way...so there might be a lot of them in this post. Just a warning in case you want to run away now before I keep gushing and putting gifs in this post. Anyways, so these guys actually got some talent. There first song I heard was an acoustic version and I was hooked.

Then I heard them play the song live and I was hooked, hooked as in watching every video on their youtube channel (which are doubled over in laughter funny) and watching random interviews and thinking about nothing but One Direction.

Another thing that totally lets me know how much I'm into this band is I want to see them live. I rarely want to see anybody live and I want to see these guys live.*crosses fingers this happens*

I can't decide who I like best in the band. Everyone has their teams, but I like them all. I mean look at them! They're all so cute.

Though I will say that I really like Liam and Louis a lot. Liam is adorable and Louis is hilarious. 

If your totally obsessed as I am do you know which guys you like the best in the band? Or do you love them all? 

Okay. I should probably stop now before this post becomes a mile long.

Are you hooked yet? Are you swooning yet? Just admit it newbies, you love One Direction just as much as I do. Your probably going to buy their album now. ;) Here are some gifs to enjoy of the British/Irish hunks.

And just because I love this song.


Also usually there are pictures of the mascots in these posts but I have no recent pictures to share with you guys! I will have some soon hopefully! The mascots love getting their pictures taken. ;)

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